You should keep these 5 points in mind when negotiating with a hacker!

You should keep these 5 points in mind when negotiating with a hacker!

Hacker attacks are ubiquitous these days and the risk of falling victim to a hacker is greater than ever.

Almost everyone is now networked and needs mobile devices to go about their everyday lives, work and private lives. It hurts all the more when a device has been hacked and a stranger is now making demands. Any hacker can cause immense damage, both materially and psychologically. Those affected feel helpless at first and see themselves defenseless when the hacker then approaches them with demands.

So that this does not happen and you are prepared for an attack, the expert Benjamin Richter now gives tips in the following guest article that can provide sufficient protection and security. He is very familiar with the subject himself and has been working in the IT industry for many years.

Anyone who thinks they have to go through this difficult phase of an attack by a hacker alone is mistaken. This is exactly what experts and specialists are available to do, to provide you with advice and help. The experts know exactly where the hacker is up to mischief and can spot him on your end device. In this way, you can counteract the hacker and put a stop to him in other important areas before more damage can occur. The expertise and many years of experience that a specialist in these areas has can be worth its weight in gold for everyone affected. The less access, the less leverage for a hacker to make possible demands.

Especially if the incident is still in progress and a hacker is even making demands on the person concerned, you should definitely report the attack. The police have options that you don’t have, of course, and they know exactly what steps need to be taken. If the hacker tries to blackmail you and approaches you, this will give the police and other investigative agencies more time and the hacker will be more likely to be caught.

In order to disrupt or even stop the attack, it makes sense to remove the power from the affected end device. Unplug, remove the battery – whatever is necessary to ensure that the device runs out of juice. It is also recommended to log the device out of the internet and put it offline. This is how you take away the hacker’s weapons and create a momentum within which you can calmly think about and decide on the next steps.

If you can still secure your data, you have a decisive advantage. If the hacker threatens to delete it, you are on the safe side by saving. There is no leverage and the threat has taken the wind out of its sails for the time being. External hard drives that are not permanently connected to the affected end device and thus represent a protected area are particularly suitable for this.

For the future it is absolutely necessary to change and redefine all passwords and access data. In addition, under no circumstances should you forget that you must immediately have your credit cards and bank accounts blocked by calling the bank. This allows you to eliminate the critical threats and ensure that the hacker has a smaller attack surface for any threats or demands.

A conclusion

Anyone who has experienced such an attack knows how unsightly and frightening such a situation can be. However, you don’t have to submit to everything without protection, but you can also actively invest something for your own position. In any case, never allow yourself to be intimidated or blackmailed, you will always lose in the end and the hacker will get his desired goal. As with so many things in life, giving up is not an option for you – with these tips you will be able to fight back effectively and successfully fight every hacker!

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