WordPress Handbuch Capitorial

WP Capitorial – The WordPress Handbook (PDF eBook)


The WP Capitorial is the ideal WordPress manual for prospective bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and future online shop operators. In 8 understandable and detailed chapters, the manual provides all the basics that are required to set up a secure, search engine-optimized, fast and functional WordPress website with an optional online shop. The manual comes as eBook in practical PDF format with interactive links and source code snippets that can be copied, with which you can optimize your own WordPress website in no time at all.

Content and structure of the WordPress guideline

The manual is divided into 8 independent chapters. Readers can independently determine the depth of their incorporation. It is not necessary to work through all chapters of the guideline in full in order to be able to successfully create your own WordPress website, but it is advisable.

Chapter 1: WordPress and your own business

In the first chapter we lay the foundation for a professional website. This includes

  • technical and financial requirements
  • finding a name and choosing the domain
  • choosing the right hosting provider as well as
  • a multitude of administrative and managerial steps to consider before building a WordPress website.

Chapter 2: Installing, setting up and using WordPress properly

  • Prepare and run WordPress installation
  • WordPress multisite installation as an alternative for complex or multilingual platforms
  • Customize the language of a WordPress installation using language packs
  • Set up a test environment
  • Important WordPress functions at a glance
  • Using WordPress correctly:
    • pages
    • posts
    • menus
    • media
    • user
    • Comments
  • Understand and use WordPress themes and child themes correctly
  • The most important WordPress plugins
  • Create and import WordPress backups

Chapter 3: WordPress Security

  • Simple security adjustments and plugins for more WordPress security
  • Manual security adjustments to WordPress core and files
  • Set and manage access rights and file rights
  • Embed SSL certificate in WordPress websites
  • Customize WordPress database with Search & Replace
  • Rename and secure the wp-content directory
  • Security adjustments for .htaccess and wp-config.php

Chapter 4: WordPress Performance

  • Why WordPress Performance Matters
  • PageSpeed ​​as a ranking factor for search engines
  • What Factors Make WordPress Faster?
  • Optimize images and media
  • Use server-side caching and browser caching
  • Manual optimization measures for more WordPress performance
  • Compression with mod_gzip and mod_deflate
  • Install and configure WP Super Cache

Chapter 5: The WooCommerce shop system, legal basis for online shops and break-even

  • Install and set up the WordPress shop system WooCommerce
  • Customize and configure general settings
  • Manage products and stock
  • Create and create products
  • Create grouped products
  • Create variable products
  • Create vouchers and discounts
  • Set up tax brackets, tax rates and sales tax
  • Set up shipping costs and shipping zones
  • Set up cash register and checkout
  • Set up customer account and account page
  • Customize WooCommerce email templates
  • PayPal integration for WooCommerce
  • Integrate MailChimp newsletter service
  • Online memberships as a business model
  • Legal requirements for online shops with WordPress

Chapter 6: Online Marketing and Advertising

  • Building a landing page with WordPress
  • Design a lead magnet and sales funnel
  • Email marketing as a core strategy in online marketing
  • Create and build MailChimp newsletter campaign
  • Social media advertising with Facebook, Instagram and Co.
  • Create Facebook Ads
  • Create Google AdWords ads

Chapter 7: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • General SEO Factors
  • Technical SEO basics
  • WordPress SEO optimizations in detail
  • Detect, treat and prevent duplicate content
  • Use XML sitemaps
  • Use Google Search Console
  • Set up and configure the Yoast SEO plugin
  • Essential SEO tools for analysis and performance tracking

Chapter 8: Analysis and Optimization

  • Legal Requirements for Analytic Tools
  • Integrate Google Analytics into WordPress
  • A/B testing with WordPress home remedies
  • Targeted optimization measures for better usability

Updates and Source Code

This WordPress guide contains some special source code snippets that are required for manual adjustments and optimizations on a WordPress installation. Since the source code keeps changing over time due to updates to the WordPress core, themes or plugins, we provide the snippets Additionally via a digital Resource Collection available, which is constantly updated and checked.

Also future ones WordPress version updates can change the function and appearance of WordPress. Therefore update We update the WordPress Capitorial periodically and provide a new version for existing customers free of charge available for download. We document all changes in the WordPress Capitorial Updates.

Other information about the WordPress manual

  • Extent: 653 pages
  • Interactive table of contents, index linking
  • Includes link collection for easy link retrieval
  • Language of the WordPress manual: German
  • File size: approx. 31 Mb
  • File format: eBook as PDF (signed)
  • Readable and usable on all common smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop PCs with a PDF reader or Adobe Acrobat PDF

The WordPress Capitorial is designed, optimized and maintained by our WordPress agency elsenmedia.com.

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