Workshop: Easy blogging with WordPress

Workshop: Easy blogging with WordPress

  1. Workshop: Easy blogging with WordPress

    • Find 1 unique selling proposition

    • 2 Order hosting package and secure SSL certificate

    • 3 Find a specific domain extension

    • 4 Generate content for stock

  2. Free writing, proper headlines, page titles for Google

  3. Trends, Comments, Community

  4. Success control, goals, SEO, quality

  5. Facebook, Instagram, Hashtags and Canva

Read article in Mac & i 7/2021

WordPress makes blogging easy: In a short time everything is ready to implement your ideas. But the competition online is tough, especially because of Facebook, Instagram & Co. And if there are no visitors, blogging quickly becomes stale. On the other hand, only good content can help – and the right marketing.

For example, a brand new blog that deals with travel in general is having a hard time. Travel blogs that somehow cover the whole world are a dime a dozen. Countless websites deal very superficially with the most beautiful places in the world, give alleged insider tips and sometimes only copy dull travel guides. Some blogs seem like a finger exercise for an SEO enthusiast: you read soulless content that was typed specifically for search engines and mainly contains important keywords. Sometimes such texts read well and can be quite helpful. But something crucial is missing: the soul of the blog, the charm, the uniqueness and specialness. This is exactly where the appeal of “online diaries” lies, which are so much more than just that. A blog can be ultra-personal, but also very professional, mellow and big. An online magazine or a corporate blog for a global corporation – the range is enormous.

Bloggers are free to choose, anything goes, really nothing is too crazy. There is power in the niche. If you want to attract attention, you have to offer something and shouldn’t be boring. What is needed is a unique selling proposition: so sharpen your blog thematically. Instead of blogging about travel in general and without a focus, it might be a good idea to specialize in bicycle travel. A undertaker can talk about her everyday work; for them it is everyday life, for everyone else it is exciting to read. A blog that is passionate about a topic will find its audience more easily. In the niche, bloggers meet committed readers, who ideally leave a lot of comments (see tip 10).

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