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WordPress, yes or no? A WordPress decision aid

The WordPress decision-making aid: Is WordPress really suitable for use in a professional environment? We have summarized the most important questions regarding security, compatibility and functionality for you in this article.

The widespread use of the system and the ease with which a basic website structure can be set up mean that WordPress is interpreted as a “playground” or “construction kit” and its suitability for use in a professional environment is questioned. the WordPress decision support to the most frequently asked questions in this context.

Isn’t WordPress more for private users?

WordPress is suitable for all kinds of applications. Over 30% of the 10 million most visited websites worldwide run on WordPress. A selection of example pages can be found at the end of the document.

Is WordPress less secure than other content management systems?

No. A professionally installed and maintained system is no more or less susceptible to external attacks than any other website operating system. WordPress also has a variety of optional security features such as double authentication via individually sent PIN codes with each login.

Is WordPress also suitable for e-commerce sites with shops and extensive product catalogues?

Yes. Individual e-commerce solutions for every purpose can be implemented in WordPress either via appropriate in-house development, existing extensions and plugins or via interface connections to existing merchandise management systems.

Can enterprise solutions, for example with several language variants or country versions, be implemented in WordPress?

Absolutely. The maintenance of several websites with partly different and partly overlapping content while adhering to a common layout is possible via a single backend without any problems.

How is work organized in the backend with several people?

WordPress has a wide range of possible roles with different permissions that can be assigned individually to each user. In addition to these roles, individually tailored authorization profiles can also be created. In this way, employees can be assigned clearly defined options for action and, for example, partially automated approval processes can be processed directly in the CMS.

Are there any examples for all of this?

Lots! Here is a small selection of well-known names.

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