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WordPress Update, Version 5.8 – All important information for you

Faster speed, more features – WordPress 5.8 is here

The WordPress version 5.8 update enables higher performance and provides new features. As a result, the developers are taking another important step in the direction of full-site editing with the free content management system. In addition to the current variant and the update to 5.7 in March, the developers are planning two more major revisions of the open source software this year.

New widget features and designs

One of the important steps towards full-site editing is the Gutenberg editor, which was added in the previous update. The current version 5.8 now expands this with additional themes and designs. The WordPress update also brings new features to the editor, such as the duotone effect. This enables the creation of SVG color effects in images and videos without making any changes to the image.

Additionally, the WordPress update focuses on the widgets. The Gutenberg editor is also used here and takes over the management of the widgets. For the user, this step means extensive possibilities to design the content even more individually and diversely using WordPress. If required, individual blocks can be inserted in the widget area, for example, or you can use the customizer with a live preview. Even without programming knowledge, mini layouts can be created and new content can be delivered in an attractive format.

Tip: If you want to do without this new feature initially, also in view of the threat of complications with older plugins, you will find a suitable solution for this. With the help of the official “Classic Widget” plugin, everything basically stays the same and the usual widget area is available again.

Faster loading times due to smaller files

The internally “Tatum” update of the open source now enables faster loading times in everyday life and an associated increase in performance. This is made possible by the support of the “Webp” image format. This format has been in development at Google since 2011 and with the latest update it is now also being used in WordPress. The advantage: File sizes can be compressed to a third using the Webp format. If less data has to be loaded, this speeds up the entire process and performance benefits.

Important changes for Internet Explorer users

Anyone using Internet Explorer 11 from Microsoft will have to come to terms with the lack of support from now on. With the update to version 5.8, WordPress is discontinuing support for this browser. This makes managing the corresponding WordPress content difficult. In this case, we recommend switching to a different browser or switching to the IE successor Edge.

You can find more information on the official WordPress website:

You can find more other information about WordPress and other interesting IT news in our News section.

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