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Being active on the internet – it’s hardly easier and simpler than with your own blog. We have already provided you with important tips about the software, finding a topic and writing in the past few weeks. Today it’s all about the optics. To be more precise, the so-called themes for blogs powered by WordPress. You can download these themes from various sources with just a few clicks, customize them a bit if necessary, and the layout for your site is ready – without any graphic designers and at no cost. Because numerous themes are available for free.

First stop: The WordPress site

When looking for a suitable theme, you should first and foremost look around on the corresponding WordPress site. 1549 themes are currently listed here – many of them free. The selection ranges from minimalist to opulent, from playful to technical and austere.

Good to know: For a few weeks now, you can only find the themes on WP’s English-language .org address. The previously existing German-language topic pool was dissolved due to obsolescence!

Photo: wordpress.orgPhoto: wordpress.orgPhoto: wordpress.org

The filter functions of WordPress make your selection a little easier. You can search specifically for themes with specific colors, for themes with a specific number of columns (important if you don’t just want a sidebar for navigation, for example) and specify the features you want.

Photo: wordpress.orgPhoto: wordpress.org

In principle, there should be something here for everyone – you will probably not find a larger selection of free templates anywhere else on the net (if you do, please contact us immediately!).

At least there are a whole range of other websites that deal with WordPress themes that have made a good preselection and often offer good additional information.

Alternate Addresses

You can find around 550 free WP themes at digi-download.net, for example. Here you will only find German-language themes, which can also be filtered according to specific requirements.

Photo: digi-download.netPhoto: digi-download.net

Another good address is the ThemeLab.

Photo: themelab.comPhoto: themelab.com

templatestars.com advertises with (almost) daily new additions:

Photo: templatestars.comPhoto: templatestars.com

We could probably continue our list forever – Google still delivers a few 1,000 hits for the corresponding search query. You can also find a very good theme at callanerd.help, for example. You can also find free templates here, here or here, for example. So that the selection doesn’t get too big, we’ll stop at this point, but of course we’d be happy if you tell us and the other users which topic sources you prefer!

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