WordPress Themes & Templates – WP Fellows UK

A template is a PHP file in the WordPress content management system that controls the appearance and functionality of a single page in the CMS. The template is part of a so-called theme that controls the appearance of the entire website.

Templates, designs or templates are called themes in WordPress. WordPress gives you two main areas that you can use to customize your website the way you like.

Plugins are extensions that help you add functionality to your website. With plugins like Woocommerce you can integrate an online shop into your WordPress or set up contact forms.

Themes are responsible for everything in WordPress that affects the look of your website. With the help of a theme, you control the complete appearance of your site including colors, fonts and font sizes, the visual structure, the appearance of your header and your footer.

Such a design consists of a whole series of files that are necessary for the respective purposes. You can find all these files via FTP under “wp-content -> themes -> your chosen theme”.