WordPress Themes

The following themes for WordPress are freely available. You can find more information in the articles on the theme, which are hidden under the links.

Base theme
If you start developing your own theme, you will find a basic theme here. This makes the start a little easier. All basic content and templates are included and the style sheet is also empty, except for the declaration of IDs and class, which are already in use. The theme is widget compatible. … more information

Themes for photoblogs

Screenshot PhotoBlogFB PhotoBlogFB
Create a photoblog with WordPress. All necessary templates, styles and plugins are included with the theme. In addition, the theme uses the JavaScript library jQuery to hide the comment area and let the photos work for you. But this is not absolutely necessary either, visitors without JavaScript can also see all content. … more information

Screenshot greyphoto greyphoto
Greyfoto makes photo publishing extremely easy. No maintenance of thumbnails or addresses to read exif data of images. The content of the design can be controlled via widgets. A whole range of widgets ensure interactivity and keep the focus on the images. … more information

Themes for classic frontend use

Screenshot documentation Documentation
This theme is very simple and is used as a documentation tool. WordPress manages the documentation of all developers and the output has to cope with code of different languages. nevertheless, the output should be simple and clear.
A whole range of plugins are used to make work in the backend easier and more convenient for the individual developers. These are included with the theme (not necessarily in the current version, update!). … more information

Screenshot Fixed Blue Fixed Blue
This theme is a three-column layout with a fixed header. A quick navigation can be found in the header. The content area, in the right section, is flexible and only requires a minimum width of the browser. The theme comes with a whole range of additional functions that are created with the help of plugins. All functions are queried so that no errors occur even without active plugins. JavaScript is also used, whereby all functions are possible without an active JS. The theme can and should be customized. More information and the possibilities that are possible with plugins are discussed in the related article. … more information

Write your own theme?

There is also information on this blog – tutorial, we are writing a WordPress theme

content for the blog

In order to create a theme in a development environment, it makes sense to have various content in the blog. This is the only way to sufficiently and comprehensively check the theme. For this case, I have created a basis that can be easily used via import into WordPress. … more information

Even more theme knowledge for WordPress

Otherwise, all topics related to the theme that I create or describe in any form are listed below.

  • WordPress Customizer
  • Use WordPress Custom Post Types as a CSS class in the frontend
  • Simple autoresize for the WordPress background image feature
  • A guest book in the WordPress TwentyTen Theme
  • Customize WordPress Login Page #3
  • Understand WordPress child themes
  • WordPress and jQuery – some tips
  • Photoblog Theme Greyfoto in new version
  • Load template part in WordPress template
  • Posts per category
  • New version of Theme Documentation
  • Load style sheet when WordPress gallery is in post
  • WordPress plugin for more flexibility when writing
  • Contactable – contact form in WordPress
  • WordPress Post Thumbnail and backwards compatibility
  • Remove update check for themes
  • Query active widget areas
  • Descriptions for WordPress widget areas
  • New templates for categories
  • Use WordPress attachments, images and metadata
  • Filter duplicates in WordPress loop
  • WordPress search form
  • Use theme activation
  • Disable WordPress default widgets
  • WP Base Theme in (x)HTML5
  • Lighten WordPress head
  • Defining and using WordPress hooks
  • WP Basic Theme
  • Query WordPress pages & subpages
  • Counter for comments, track and pingbacks from WordPress 2.7
  • Disable WordPress login style
  • Formatting comments from WordPress 2.7
  • Customize WordPress 2.7 Login Theme
  • Photoblog Theme Greyfoto
  • Use JavaScript libraries in and from WordPress
  • WordPress Query Quick Tips
  • Sticky functionality from WordPress 2.7
  • 10 points to the perfect WordPress theme
  • WPLize, class for options in WordPress
  • Expand search result
  • Sum of posts, pages, categories, tags, comments for WordPress theme
  • Sum of comments in WordPress
  • Advertising via shortcode and custom fields in WordPress
  • Affect WordPress home page and more tag
  • WordPress content base
  • WordPress 2.6 quick tip for theme authors
  • Breadcrumb Navi for WordPress
  • Filter WordPress content for CSS extension
  • WordPress posts in 2-column layout
  • Affect WordPress more tag
  • WordPress Admin Theme Adminimize
  • WordPress theme with configuration
  • WP – Tutorial, we write a WordPress theme – part 4
  • WordPress 2.5 and theme-defined login
  • WordPress 2.5 and a user-dependent admin design
  • Liked WordPress Theme Documentation
  • PhotoBlog Theme for WordPress with widget customization
  • Debug WordPress Themes
  • WP – Tutorial, we write a WordPress theme – part 3
  • WP – Tutorial, we write a WordPress theme – part 2
  • WP – Tutorial, we write a WordPress theme – part 1
  • WP – adapt existing themes to your own needs
  • Fixed Blue Theme for WordPress
  • Create sample WordPress theme
  • Documentation Theme for WordPress
  • PhotoBlog Theme for WordPress
  • Basic theme for WordPress
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