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WordPress agency

We are a Swiss WordPress agency that passionately creates professional new websites and individual solutions based on the world’s leading CMS. WordPress is the basis of all websites and many online shops that we conceive, design, program, operate and market “in-house”.

WordPress has a dominant market share of over 60% worldwide among content management systems (CMS). This is no coincidence: WordPress is not just free open source software. Above all, it is the most user-friendly and flexible CMS that meets all requirements, even for complex websites of companies and organizations.

Almost one in four websites overall and more than half of all CMS websites are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is also becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland and is increasingly displacing the CMS Typo3 and Joomla. With good reason: In addition to the high level of user-friendliness and many other advantages (see next section), WordPress is much less complex to develop and maintain and is therefore more cost-efficient than Typo3.

We’re not married to WordPress, but we love WordPress. As a WordPress agency, we have been designing and programming websites for clients in Bern, Basel, Zurich and throughout Switzerland with this CMS since 2012. We also develop online shops based on other open source e-commerce solutions. When we have a choice, we use WooCommerce because our customers appreciate its benefits.

You can find more information about the services of our WordPress agency for clients in Bern, Basel, Zurich, Olten and all of Switzerland on the following pages:

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WordPress programming

We are happy to program individual solutions for all requirements relating to WordPress and its programming. Our many years of experience with WordPress allow us to quickly assess every problem and determine the most efficient solution.

WordPress is the world’s leading CMS that offers various advantages. What we particularly appreciate about WordPress programming is the flexible expandability in the open source approach. The core of WordPress and all theme and plugin extensions rely on the same basic components: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript / jQuery. If you master these, you can customize every element of WordPress as you wish.

WordPress theme programming

The programming of new, individual WordPress themes is our speciality. Based on a graphic template, we implement your wishes for a tailor-made website with a detailed responsive design. Either serves as a graphic template

  • a new, individual WordPress website design, or
  • an existing design using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop mockups, or
  • an existing website that you want to “clone” in terms of design.

We also expand and optimize existing WordPress themes and websites according to your requirements, such as:

  • Implementation of responsive design for mobile devices
  • Individual development for adjustments to design and functionality
  • Search engine optimization of the existing templates
  • Performance optimization for minimal loading times
  • Code optimization for valid minimal HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript / jQuery
  • Optimal presentation and administration of your most important content using Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  • Simplifications for editors in the WordPress backend
  • Setting up protected areas and user groups with different authorizations
  • Installation of newsletter solutions for e-mail marketing directly in WordPress
  • Implementation of multilingualism with Polylang Pro, the professional extension for any number of languages
  • Installation of an online shop with WooCommerce and leading payment methods such as credit cards, Postfinance, Postcard, Paypal, Bitcoin, etc.
  • Setting up automatic backups and other desired extensions

WordPress plugin programming

We design and program new, tailor-made WordPress pluginsto extend the functionality of WordPress. Despite the large number of existing plugins, there is often no way around targeted individualization according to your needs. With individual WordPress programming you can gain a competitive advantage. In addition, this approach offers maximum security through non-public source code.

Also for Adjustments to existing plugins as well as for other WordPress programming problems and plugin configurations we are at your disposal. In 10 years of experience with WordPress we have not yet encountered a problem that cannot be solved.

We would be happy to clarify in a personal conversation whether and how we can implement your ideas. We prefer to surprise you with a faster and cheaper implementation than expected. Just contact us for all questions about WordPress programming.