WordPress Security Vulnerabilities – Update Now

Security researchers have discovered a total of three vulnerabilities in WordPress. Passwords can be intercepted and stolen via these. As a result, the website can be hacked, content deleted or changed. Affected are millions of website owners who use WordPress. The Federal Office for Information Security classifies the risk as medium.

This is not an isolated case. WordPress vulnerabilities were only reported in July. Months before there were more. So far, WordPress has already provided updates in all cases. There have also been vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins in recent months. Updates were also provided for these.

WordPress is a content management system. This allows websites, especially blogs, to be created quickly and easily. With plugins, the website can be supplemented with a wide range of tools.

SiBa advises those affected to log into WordPress and install security updates immediately. The current update upgrades the WordPress version to number 5.8.1. Alternatively, WordPress can be configured so that updates (also from plugins) are installed automatically.

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