WordPress Security | 17 effective measures

4. Is your site infected? 6 signs of a successful attack

An estimated 3% of all websites are currently infected. So it cannot be ruled out that there is some form of malware on your website.

If any of the following apply to you, you should screen your website:

You lose massively in visitors and SEO rankings

Check with Google Analytics or the Google Search Console if you have suffered unnatural losses in your traffic and SEO rankings.

A major Google update can initially cause turbulence in the ranking. After a so-called core update, you can suddenly lose or gain a lot of clicks. So first find out whether Google has rolled out a new core update. This is mostly announced on Twitter and many SEO blogs report about it.

Also, rule out manual penalties in Search Console. To do this, click in the side menu Security & Manual Actions → Manual Actions.

If you didn’t receive a penalty, a malicious attack on your website could be the cause.

Your website has become slow

Do you have the feeling that your website is loading slowly?

Check with a tool like Pingdom or PageSpeed ​​Insights if your loading time has significantly decreased. If so, an attack could be behind it.

New, quirky WordPress users are emerging

If there are suddenly strange user names in your WordPress backend, this could be a sign of an intrusion.

Therefore, check occasionally whether you find users that you cannot assign.

Weird WordPress users that you cannot identify are strong indicators of an infected website.

Multiple failed login attempts

WordPress has different mechanisms to prevent malicious logins. Under certain circumstances, the server or the WordPress installation can block it.

If someone has tried to log into your site multiple times, this could be a sign of a brute force attack.

New links and new content

If you notice that there are links or new content on your website that you did not place there yourself, this is a strong indication of a malicious attack.

Remove the links and content as soon as possible and then conduct a security audit.

The layout of your page is messed up

Your site is visually defaced and you don’t know why.