WordPress: Reset Website – TecChannel Workshop


Whether you reset your website partially or completely, first log in to WordPress with your user credentials. This works both in the browser and with the Windows desktop app, which we will use below.

use website tools

Then use the left sidebar to navigate to Settings and select General from the submenu. Now scroll to the bottom of the page in the right pane. Under Site Tools, you’ll find two helpful options: Delete Your Content and Permanently Delete Your Site.

If you choose the first item, you will get to another dialog. After clicking Follow steps, instructions will be displayed that describe how to manually delete individual pieces of content, such as pages, posts and media. The process is always similar: you select the respective elements in the corresponding category and remove them using the trash can icon or a separate menu item.

Create new website

With a lot of content, this process can take a long time – and you usually don’t get all the elements. As an alternative, you have the option of creating a completely new website. This will then also get a new address under your existing WordPress.com account.

contact support

Or you can click the Contact Support button instead of Follow the steps. The term is a bit unfortunate, however, because you are not contacting the WordPress support team directly, but using the contact form to post a request in the public community forums. However, employees of WordPress.com also participate there.

Permanently delete site

If all this is too tedious for you, you can select the Permanently delete your website option in the Website tools section. This completely deletes all content as well as the address itself (a subdomain of wordpress.com in the free version). This process cannot be undone. Therefore, at the top of this page there is the option to export the current content and settings of the website as a ZIP file beforehand.

After creating such a backup if necessary, scroll down a bit and click the Delete website button. You then have to confirm the action again before your website is finally history.

Products: The trick works with all current versions of WordPress. (ad)