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Ultimately, WordPress plugins are nothing more than modules that can be docked to your system to add a desired feature to the functionality of WordPress. Above all, or precisely because the number of existing plugins seems to be almost inexhaustible, choosing the right plugin is crucial: it must be secure and functionally provide exactly the feature for your system that you have been missing so far. As is well known, those who have the choice are also spoiled for choice…

WordPress plugin development – ​​let the professionals do it for you!

Even if the internet is teeming with instructions for creating WP plugins: You will quickly find that programming a functionally high-quality and, above all, secure plugin is not quite as trivial as it first appears. The same applies to the adaptation of an already existing plugin.

Our offer to you: You tell us which function you want to implement – we take care of everything else. In the best case for you, there is already a WordPress module that covers the desired requirements and is executable with your installed WordPress version. In that case, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We are happy to install the plugin for you and test whether it runs smoothly.

Our services in the field of WordPress plugins:

  • WordPress Plugin Development (Responsive)
  • WordPress plugin customization
  • WordPress plugin advice

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We create custom WordPress plugins for you

The more specific the functional requirements for plugins are, the less likely it is that a usable plugin already exists. Even if a plugin is available, it has often not been developed further, which makes it unlikely to be used with a current WordPress version for compatibility reasons. In this case you cannot avoid your own plugin.

nine-point-two supports you with a lot of experience. This allows us to keep the process very lean overall and offer you a tailor-made solution at fair implementation costs.

The TOP 10 WordPress Plugins that you should definitely have installed!

The fewer plugins you have installed, the better! So the main thing is to accumulate less “ballast” (every plugin burdens the WordPress CMS) and create fewer potential security gaps. We use the following WordPress plugins again and again in our projects. So from experience we can say that these work well.
Tip: You can recognize good plugins by the fact that they are updated regularly.

Our recommendations (in alphabetical order):

With this WordPress Antispam Plugin finally get a handle on comment spam and trackbacks. Particularly important: the plugin is 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Borlabs Cookie


In our opinion the currently best WordPress GDPR plugin respectively. WordPress Cookie Plugin. Reasons: German plugin with German support, extensive setting options, excellent documentation.

Contact form 7

(for free)

The supposedly best, because it can be used absolutely flexibly WordPress form plugin. Numerous addons are available for the plugin, including Honeypot. And: in terms of the GDPR, a standard terms and conditions checkbox can also be integrated.

Duplicate post

(for free)

With the help of this plugin, you can create copies of existing pages and posts with a click, which can then be used as a starting point for new content. An absolute must have!

Enable Media Replace

(for free)

Replacing already embedded images in WordPress can quickly become a Herculean task. At least if you want to replace an image across pages with a web-optimized version, for example, or an image with the same file name. This practical plugin, which can replace images globally with a new version, provides a remedy.

Instagram feed

(for free)

Do you want to embed your Instagram feed on your WordPress website? This WordPress Instagram Plugin is perfect for exactly this task and leaves nothing to be desired with its setting options. This is how social media works.

That WordPress SEO Plugin is the alternative to YOAST SEO, the other top dog in the WordPress SEO plugin space. Besides the really good features too SEO analysis the tool also convinces with the “Rich snippets“, about you structured data can create and make it easier for search engines to understand your content better and faster.

If possible, images should always be well below 100kb in size. With the WordPress plugin Smush you can already compress images during the upload, with virtually no visible loss of quality. Smush is the tool WordPress plugin for image optimization and image compression.

Table of Contents Plus

(for free)

With this plugin you bring order to your articles. The tool generates an automatic one Table of contents with structured data. In terms of SEO, it is also an absolutely sensible addition to your WordPress instance.

WP Rocket


Are you looking for a plugin with which you can comprehensively edit the topic of caching? WP Rocket leaves nothing to be desired and is currently by far the best, even if you have to pay for it WordPress cache plugin. In addition to extensive caching settings and code optimizations, the plugin also offers lazy loading and GZIP compression. Be sure to install!

You have questions about our services in the area WordPress plugin development or already a specific feature that you want to have implemented?

You’re welcome. We look forward to getting to know you and your WordPress project.

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