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WordPress Plugin: Scroll-To-Top | kulturbanause®

You probably know the problem: You are on a very long website far down in the article and want to go back to the top. Unfortunately, the web designer didn’t integrate a “back to top” button into the page (like me here…). Now you have to scroll vigorously.
Of course, it is not technically complex to integrate such a button into the page. The following WordPress plugin does the job very easily and also has a few nice setting options that are not that easy to implement.

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The plugin adds a simple jQuery-based scroll-to-top button to the page. Make sure that the plugin gets write access to the plugin folder, otherwise it won’t work. After activation, various settings can then be made:
First you can choose where on the page the button should appear. So top right, top left, bottom right or bottom left. The pixel-precise distance to the edge can also be set.
In order to optically adapt the button to the page, you can choose from a number of predefined buttons. If you don’t like it, just upload your own graphic.

I particularly like the option of showing the button only when the visitor starts to scroll the page. This function in particular should make work much easier for bloggers who are more focused on the content of the website than on the technology.

The plugin can be downloaded from the plugin directory:

Written by Jonas


Jonas is the founder of the web design agency kulturbanause® and the kulturbanause® blog. He is responsible for project management, UX/UI and frontend development and has published numerous specialist books and video training courses. As a lecturer, he conducts training courses and workshops. He prefers to work on projects and topics that challenge him conceptually as well as creatively and technically.

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