WordPress plugin for using content modules

Times change.

This post appears to be over 10 years old – a long time on the internet. The content may be out of date.

Anyone who blogs with WordPress beyond the classic content or publishes every conceivable form of content will eventually come to the point where recurring content is required, be it in the simplest case an image through to complex markup. The banning of annoying blocks of code is particularly interesting if you want to make these blocks available to different users and if you want to maintain them centrally. In this way, certain content can be secured, maintained in one place and made available to different users.

The plugin snippet (link no longer available, contact me directly if necessary) was created for this application; it manages snippets in every imaginable form and can be used in different places using various mechanisms. The content can be integrated via shortcode, via PHP or via widget. The respective content does not have to be clearly specified, the content is accessed via ID. The shortcode and ID are displayed directly on the element, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties in using it.

New authorization objects are also created so that the rights of the snippets can be distributed to different roles. The snippets can be filtered using your own structuring using taxonomy.

The plugin is my first attempt in the field of premium plugins and has been around for a long time, only the short introduction here in the blog was always missing and so I’ll make up for it with this article. Ideas and hints are very welcome.