WordPress plugin for rapidmail newsletter software

Rapidmail offers you an interface via a plugin to connect your WordPress installation to the rapidmail newsletter system.

1. What functions does the WordPress plugin for rapidmail newsletters offer?

With the WordPress newsletter plugin for rapidmail, you can easily integrate the registration form for your newsletter on your WordPress website and place it according to your wishes. You can decide for yourself whether you want to allow subscribers to be generated via comments or not. You can also design the title of the registration form according to your wishes.

Please note that an active rapidmail account is required to use the plugin.

2. How do I connect my WordPress site to the rapidmail newsletter tool?

You can use the WordPress Install the plugin via the WordPress plugin manager.

In order to connect WordPress to rapidmail, settings are required in your rapidmail account.

ATTENTION! You must first create a form for the recipient list that you want to connect to rapidmail. So choose first registration forms ? Online registration.

Under Step 1 – Login Page: Select the form fields to display by checking the appropriate box in the middle box. Under “Change the labels of the form fields here” you can change the display texts of the various fields if required.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to insert a security captcha!

Check all settings on the page, e.g. B. From address of the confirmation or welcome email and select at the very bottom of the page Save on computer. It should now display the message Settings saved successfully are displayed.

Click yours in the top right username ? API:

Here you can now create a new API access. Enter as a description e.g. B. WordPress, after you have selected Save you will then receive a username and password.

Now log into WordPress and select plugins ? To install.

WordPress plugin

You can search for the plugin here. Activate the plugin after installation.

Install rapidmail WordPress pluginActivation rapidmail WordPress plugin

After that choose plugins ? Installed pluginsto access settings. Select the settings of the “rapidmail newsletter marketing” plugin to make the settings. Choose at the API version V3 and enter the rapidmail API username and API password. You cannot select a recipient list at first, but select one anyway Apply changes.

WordPress plugin

Now you can select the desired recipient list, select again Apply changesto complete the installation.

IMPORTANT: Links in the WordPress menu below design ? widgets In the right box “Footer” please click on: rapidmail registration form.

There you must check and save the form fields to be displayed:

Widget settings rapidmail WordPress plugin

3. How do I integrate the newsletter subscription form on my website?

After installing the plugin, you can easily paste the opt-in form anywhere in any of your WordPress posts via the “Shortcode” block element.

To do this, paste the following code into the “Shortcode” block element:


Insert rapidmail WordPress plugin registration form

By default, only the email field is displayed.

But you can add more form fields by adding more parameters to the shortcode:

First name: show_firstname
Last name: show_lastname
Gender: show_gender
Broadcast format: show_mailtype
Title: show_title
Extra1 field: show_extra1
Text for consent: show_consent_text

Example of a shortcode with multiple parameters for a form with the appropriate fields:

[rm_form show_firstname=1 show_lastname=1 show_gender=1 show_mailtype=1 show_title=1 show_title=1 show_consent_text=1]

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