WordPress login with wp-login.php

Of the WordPress login is the login functionality for WordPress users such as admins, accessible by default at the URL www.wordpresswebsite.tld/wp-login.php.

The PHP file wp-login.php is located in the main directory of WordPress installations and is also used by WordPress themes such as Storefront or Enfold to map a customer account with an active installation of the WooCommerce shop system.

Out of security reasons it is often recommended in the WordPress community to rename the login path or wp-login.php so that the WordPress website cannot be compromised by automated attacks such as brute force methods. However, this measure is neither effective nor useful because it can result in additional security gaps and performance losses. In addition, the “renamed” login URL can usually be determined in just a few steps and is therefore not an obstacle for professional hackers.

Methods such as login limitation or IP blacklisting are much better suited to preventing brute force attacks, as listed in our WordPress Security Guide.

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