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WordPress Login: Login to WordPress (URL)

Login to WordPress: Many site operators who want to edit their WordPress websites have difficulties WordPress login to find. So how do I log into WordPress?

How do I find the WordPress login URL?

The wonderful thing about WordPress is that you can edit no additional software require. A computer with an internet connection and a browser (we recommend the Google Chrome browser) is sufficient.

If you join Sign up for WordPress then you need to go to the WordPress Login (WP Admin URL). The WordPress login can be reached by default by logging in behind your own domain


attached. For many WordPress websites, the login also works with


This feature was added by a WordPress update and makes it easier to navigate to the login screen. With plugins like “Protect Your Admin” you can WordPress login url from wp-admin / wp-login to a WordPress login URL of your choice (for example: domainname.de/secretlogin).

On the WordPress login page you can then enter your access data. By default, the username is case-insensitive. With the password, of course (case sensitive).

Save WordPress credentials

Simplify WordPress login

Of course you can WordPress credentials simply save it in your browser to simplify the WP login in the future. However, since the standard way in which Internet browsers save passwords is often very insecure, we recommend using a password manager.

We use LastPass for this. LastPass is a Password manager, which can be integrated into Google Chrome. All website passwords can then be stored in LastPass, where they are protected against external access.

You can also share your WordPress credentials with other people through LastPass without having to WordPress password to betray! Of course, we would rather recommend that you create your own WordPress user account for other users. This allows you to better manage user rights and track changes through revisions.

Security measures for the WP login

An advantage of the WordPress login is that you do not need any additional software. Unfortunately, this is also a disadvantage, because anyone can try to log into your WordPress website.

Any site visitor can simply append /wp-admin/ to your domain and try to guess the username and password. With hacking methods such as brute force attacks on WordPress logins, strangers can gain access to your WordPress website. To avoid this, you should take the following security measures.

Limit WordPress login attempts

With WordPress plugins like “Limit Login Attempts Reloaded” you can limit the number of login attempts limit on your WordPress website. Simply download the plugin, activate it and you can only try a few login attempts in a row. After the specified number of login attempts, the login for this site visitor will be blocked. By limiting WordPress login attempts, passwords cannot be bruteforce guessed.

WP Login Math Captcha

Many are familiar with the small arithmetic tasks that have to be solved in certain processes on the Internet. This can be used to verify that you are a real user and not a bot. You can also install a math captcha in your WordPress login and thus prevent bots and hackers from automatically gaining access to your WordPress website. We recommend the WP Math Captcha plugin for this.

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