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WordPress login area URL – how to log in!

Can’t get into your admin area? Simply do the WordPress login with wp-login.php.

Forgot how to access the WordPress dashboard or forgot your password? We will explain how to log in again.

WordPress login via wp-login.php

The easiest way to access your homepage WordPress dashboard is via wp-login.php. This is a file on your server that you can access via a URL. You will then see the following screen:


  • To see this screen you simply have to add your URL “https://wp-schmiede-muenchen.de”. “/wp-login.php” complete. This would then result in “https://wp-schmiede-muenchen.de/wp-login.php”. Alternatively you can “/wp-admin/” add it, then you will be forwarded to the login area.
  • It is also possible that you installed in a specific directory. This is often even “wordpress”. Then you have to include the directory. This results in, for example, “http://meine-webseite.de/wordpress/wp-login.php”.

wp-login.php on wordpress.com

  • If you do not host your website yourself, but operate it on WordPress.com, you can reach wp-login.php at “http://your-blog-name.wordpress.com/wp-login.php.”

Forgot your WordPress password?

Have you forgotten your password? Then you can easily reset it. Call your wp-login.php as described above. From there, click on Forgot Password. In the next step you only have to enter your user name or the e-mail used and you can generate a new password.

Open WordPress from the admin panel on your site

This function is not integrated into every WordPress website or this function is optional. If this has been deselected in the backend, you can no longer access it. When installing WordPress, however, the “Meta” widget is usually included. This allows you to access the WordPress admin area from your website. Either this is integrated into the sidebar or in the header or footer area. This can look like this:

WordPress login via admin meta

Click on login here and you will be redirected to the WordPress login.

However, this option is often not available. Then you can use the variant shown above.

If you don’t host your blog yourself, but operate it via wordpress.com, you can also access your login page via the wp-login.php file. The domain structure then always corresponds to the scheme “http://blogtitel.wordpress.com/wp-login.php”.

We wrote this article on August 20th, 2015 using WordPress version 4.3. But even with previous versions, the WordPress login can be reached using the method described.

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