WordPress login and log changes

When it comes to your own WordPress security, you can install as many plugins as you like. Nobody can say whether this contributes to safety. But you should keep an eye on the login. The plugin SimpleHistory helps you with that. It logs all user activities. The plugin starts with the login form and ends with changes in posts and WordPress settings.

Install plugin

The WordPress plugin can be found under Simple History in the WordPress plugin database. It just needs to be installed and activated. This can be done via the plugin installation.

Settings on the plugin itself do not have to be made, as it runs automatically in the background and saves changes. When activated, the plugin logs all user activities.

Login log

As soon as someone logs into WordPress, tries to log in with incorrect data, uses the forgotten password function or registers for the first time, the plugin starts logging these events. New or changed posts can be found in the log.

Protocol overview

log level

If blog settings are changed, the old and new values ​​are logged. Entries such as “failed login attempt” are classified as warnings and can be filtered separately in the log. This helps one locate specific changes or events:

log view
Log View – Level Warning

In addition to the log overview on a separate subpage in the admin backend, a dashboard widget can be activated. This shows the last entries in the overview.

In my opinion according to the plugin is a must for blogs with several users in order to be able to understand who changed which settings or posts and when. But not only there, the plugin also makes sense for small blogs. On the one hand, you can see how many failed login attempts there are every day and, on the other hand, settings can be undone more quickly because you can look up your old values.

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