WordPress is becoming more local and personal

Version 2.3 of the WordPress app for the iPhone was… – let’s put it this way: there have been more stable applications before. But now the developers have made some improvements and are presenting the completely renewed version 2.3.1, which not only eliminates a few bugs but also brings a new feature for bloggers: mobile geotagging. If you run WordPress on your own servers, you could already use place markers, but not without the help of external plugins (e.g. geotag). Anyone who hosts their blog directly on WordPress.com did not have these problems.

The mobile geotagging of the posts is surprisingly easy: it only takes one click and the map opens, on which the current position is confirmed – that’s it. However, WordPress.com blogs cannot yet interpret the data. They will initially be collected until support for them is implemented in the “next few days” (it would be nice if one of you could get in touch when the time comes). In addition, the design of the app has been pimped, here are a few impressions of the user interface:

According to the blog entry, a bug that previously caused problems with the more tag has also been fixed, and more posts and pages can now be displayed than originally specified in the blog settings.

Gravatar gets full profiles

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Another great piece of news for blog operators and readers comes from Gravatar – you know: the service that is responsible for displaying the thumbnails of their authors in addition to the comments. This service is being expanded with immediate effect. A comprehensive profile is now lurking behind every picture, in which users can leave their contact details, instant messaging usernames, and any number of pictures and links. There is also support for the most popular social networks. So anyone who is interested in the person behind a comment in the future is just a click away from their Facebook profile or Twitter account. The profile can be adjusted directly via the Gravatar page or via the WordPress dashboard.

Please remember the usual rules when filling it out: everyone must decide for themselves how much information (and this can include postal addresses and phone numbers) they want to share with the public about their Gravatar profile. The personal page can then be found under the URL with the following structure: http://en.gravatar.com/username

(Andre Vatter)

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