WordPress introduces Adsense alternative WordAds

Blogs aren’t dead. In fact, they’re growing by 50,000 every day. At least that’s the number of new WordPress blogs that appear every day, according to Jon Burke. How many of them are then filled with valuable content every day is another matter entirely. The fact is, however, that Burke, as an advertising marketer at WordPress, was dissatisfied with the previous income opportunities on WordPress. AdSense, as the de facto standard for online ads, gets most people peanuts at best, and Burke says “you don’t deserve that.”

That’s why Automattic, the company behind WordPress, now offers the new advertising format WordAds. A plugin will allow WordPress.com users to embed ads provided by Federated Media on their blog. The marketer has been active in blog marketing for years, especially with larger tech blogs. This is a step that initially reveals few disadvantages. When asked why it took so long, Burke answered “Google”: AdSense was practically standard, then you saw how many bloggers distorted their offer with unsightly advertising formats, and you shied away from that at first. But now you are ready. According to Burke, it’s because he sees so many beautiful things on blogs that deserve more money.

Not everyone can run WordAds

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To put it in plain English: You have finally managed to find a marketer who is willing to place ads that promise less reach. The everyday chicken and egg problem for blogs, apparently not only in Germany. But it doesn’t sound like bloggers are making much more money with it than with Adsense. It appears to be just an alternative, and Automattic will likely siphon off a portion of it for itself.

Of course, there are still catches: If you want to use WordAds, you must have a WordPress.com account, i.e. host your blog on the Automattic web space. For the time being, the service is not available for self-hosted WordPress blogs. And unlike Google AdSense, not every blogger can just post ads. WordAds requires a sign-up process in which Automattic’s marketing team selects only specific blogs based on unspecified criteria. My tip is: reach, topic and quality of the posts. So everything as before, only this time from Automattic, and yes, at least: It’s getting a little easier to market your own blog.

(Juergen Vielmeier)