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WordPress instructions for newcomers – Rashedi Consulting GmbH

WordPress is a content management system, or CMS for short. This means that you can use WordPress to create and manage content for your website.

This is exactly what distinguishes WordPress: Normally websites are based on structural languages ​​like HTML, CSS or programming languages ​​like JavaScript, PHP and many others. In most cases, the different structural languages ​​are mixed up in a document.

The individual pages are then based on an HTML file that structures the content. The page is then designed using CSS and functions such as buttons and videos are embedded with JavaScript, PHP and other languages. In short: the whole thing is very complex.

Too complex to move content around, reorganize it, and keep adding new content.

No question: Of course, all of this is also possible with ordinary websites.

But there is also a much, much easier way: with WordPress, for example.

WordPress does integrate all the complicated codes and programming languages. But unless you are a developer, you no longer have to work with them.

So you can at least make textual changes to your website without even knowing the slightest bit about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Because WordPress shows you a user interface with which you can easily change the content of your site.

You have probably already written a text with Microsoft Word. Despite the “Word” in the name, WordPress has nothing to do with Microsoft Word, but in a way it is very similar. Because even with WordPress you can work with a text and change the font size, select the font and mark text in italics or bold.

For comparison: This is what the Microsoft Word interface looks like:

To view the entire image, please click on the image

And this is what the WordPress interface looks like:

To view the entire image, please click on the image

Of course, the two are not identical. But there are striking similarities. If you master the basic functions of Word, you shouldn’t have any problems with WordPress either.

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