WordPress install tutorial – the 5 minute installation very easy

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Installing WordPress is actually not that difficult – once you know how to do it. Today I’ll show you how the famous one 5 minute WordPress installation works (ok, the first time it may take a little longer ;-))

What do I need to install WordPress?

  • One domain and one web host, I recommend all-inkl.com*
  • One MySQL database (You can create this in the customer menu of your hoster): Make a note of the database name, username, password and the MySQL host address (in most cases this is localhost, but with some hosters, such as Domainfactory, it can be different)
  • A FTP access to your site (you can also find this in the customer menu of your hoster)
  • A FTP program, like Filezilla or WinSCP
  • The current version of WordPress: You can find the German version at de.wordpress.org
  • An unzip program to unzip zip files, like WinRAR
  • A text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Mac TextEdit), however no Word processing program like Word, OpenOffice Writer or Pages!

A word about 1-click install

Many hosters offer the so-called 1-click installation, with which you can easily install WordPress with one click via the hoster’s customer menu.

This is of course easy and convenient, but it can also have disadvantages. On the one hand, there is often a large time lag in the provision of updates. This means that you may be installing an outdated version. In some cases, there may also be problems with write permissions for files and directories. And the hosters often preconfigure the installation, ie you either have functions that you don’t need at all, or some are missing.

For my part, I prefer to have full control over the installation. With your own installation you are on the safe side and it is not that difficult. Here I show you how it works:

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Prepare WordPress installation

Download the installation files from de.wordpress.org and unzip the files. You will now see a directory called “wordpress” that contains all the installation files.

Install WordPress - File DirectoryPin code

Configure wp-config.php

If you really want to have full control over your installation, you can configure wp-config.php. If this step is too time-consuming or too complicated for you, you can skip it and go straight to the FTP upload. You can also make the settings later via browser.

In the wordpress directory, open the wp-config-sample.php file with a simple text editor (like I said, no Word or Open Office!) and add the information about the database.

Install WordPress - DatabasePin code

Generate under WordPress.org Secret-key Service a security key and paste it in the appropriate place.

Install WordPress - SALT keyPin code

Define yourself individual table prefix, which replaces the standard wp_ prefix. This can be a cryptic string or the name of your project, which you append to the standard wp_ prefix. Again, end with an underscore. This increases the security of your WordPress installation even more.

Install WordPress - table prefixPin code

Now save the file under the new name wp-config.php and upload it to your server along with the other files.

Upload via FTP

Enter the FTP access data in Filezilla (or your FTP program) and go to “Connect”. Now upload the directory content (not the entire wordpress folder, just the content) to your server using drag and drop. Now it is time to wait and drink tea….

Install WordPress - FTPPin code

Install WordPress

Now it’s finally time to start the WordPress installation! Simply call up your domain in the browser and you’re good to go. If that doesn’t work, start the installation by surfing to the install.php page. It is located in the wp-admin subfolder. Example: http://www.yourdomain.de/wp-admin/install.php

If you have not previously configured the wp-config.php, you will get to this page:

Install WordPress - StartPin code

Enter the database data and your individual table prefix as described above.

Install WordPress - Enter the dataPin code

Click Send.

Install WordPressPin code

A page will open where you can enter the information you want. If you have already configured the wp-config.php, you will get directly to this form:

Install WordPress - 5 minute installPinthe famous 5 minute WordPress installation

Now you can Information about your WordPress site specify, which you can change later at any time.

give one title for your website and insert one username on. Please do not choose “admin”, “wp_admin”, “Administrator” or similar here. You can generate a password automatically.

Give your E-mail address and decide if you want to allow Google to index your site.

Click on “Install WordPress”. That was it!

Now you get to the admin area of ​​WordPress, the so-called dashboard, where you can make the most important settings, install themes and plugins.

Install WordPress - DashboardPinWelcome to the WordPress Dashboard!

I’ll show you how in my videos:


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And now have fun installing WordPress! If you have any questions, just ask me in a comment!

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