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WordPress hosting: What requirements does a hosting package have to meet to host a WordPress website on it?

Many hosting services offer special packages for WordPress websites. However, it is often worth reading the offers more closely. Because the normal hosting packages often offer the same or even better technical conditions than the special WordPress hosting and at lower prices. If you can install WordPress yourself and do not need the installation wizard, you should compare the offers well.

Hosting requirements for WordPress

WordPress does not make any great demands on the hosting service. Many providers have good offers. It is important that a few conditions are met. These points should be met:

  • PHP version 7.x (server) – PHP version 7 is not the basic requirement for installing WordPress, but with PHP 7, WordPress runs more stable and faster. However, PHP 7 is now standard and therefore available from hosting services. Minimum requirement for WordPress is PHP version 5.2.4
  • MySQL version 5.6 (database) – The MySQL version on the server is just as important for the installation to run smoothly. With version 5.6 you are on the safe side. WordPress runs from MySQL version 5.0.

Here are a few additional parameters that have a positive effect on the website speed of a WordPress website:

  • Apache or Nginx: Apache or Nginx is required for your web server. These servers are used by most providers. It is important that the “mod_rewrite” module is integrated. This allows URLs to be designed.
  • SSL certificate: https websites are the state of the art. An SSL certificate protects user data. This is due to the new privacy policy and for placement on Google.
  • SSD storage: Your web hosting must have the necessary storage space. 1-2 GB are sufficient here. SSD storage is up to 20x faster than traditional web server storage.
  • CPU: The more processor cores, the faster the server.
  • PHP memory limit: WordPress requires a memory limit of 64MB. Most servers offer at least 100MB, but a memory limit of 256MB is even better.
  • Inclusive domains: Depending on how many homepages are to be created, the more domains are required. Some hosting services have up to 20 domains included.

WordPress Hosting Services – Recommended by the Smithy

We have worked with many hosting services. Here we have picked out a few that we have had good experiences with:

Hosteurope offers a special WordPress hosting. They already contain a WordPress installation. However, you can only use one. From our point of view complete nonsense. Normal web hosting is almost identical in terms of performance, costs less and you are much more flexible because not only WordPress can be installed.

The basic package from Hosteurope costs €3.99 per month plus the domain. Depending on how popular you are, you pay an extra fee here. The medium package costs €6.99 plus domain. In contrast to the WordPress hosting package, you save between one and three euros here. SSL certificates can be booked as an option and cost between €2.99 and €5.99 per month over a period of one to two years. Here you can find the different hosting packages from Hosteurope.

Ionos hosting

Significantly cheaper than Hosteurope, 1und1 offers the basic package including a domain for €0.99 in the first twelve months. After that, it costs €7.99 per month. In addition, the domain is free for the first twelve months.
Here you will find an overview of all hosting packages from 1und1.

1und1 offers SFTP access with which you can securely upload and install the WordPress installation. Another way is via one-click installation. However, plug-ins are already installed that you don’t need in the end. We advise against it.

United Domains domain reservation

United Domains is known to us primarily as a service where I can buy domains. But what very few people know is that you can also book a hosting package. For €3.99 a month you get enough databases, storage space and everything else you need for a successful website. A big plus for data protection reasons is that the site is hosted exclusively in Germany. Here is the package.

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