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Last update on: June 8, 2020

There are a few things to consider when choosing a hosting provider. I have summarized the four most important points from my point of view in this article. By chance it turned out that all 4 dots start with an “S” and this is how WPC’s 4S method was created, with which you can find the right hosting provider for your web project.

It is sometimes difficult to check the points before buying, but as a rule you have a cancellation period of 14 days when concluding a contract on the Internet. So if you find out afterwards that one of the following conditions is not met, you should consider switching hosts.

After the four decision criteria, I will also give you my personal hosting recommendation. In the numerous customer projects I deal with different hosting providers. You will find out which, in my opinion, are the two best hosting providers in Germany.

Choosing the right hosting provider according to the 4S method

Safe / Secure

Perhaps many are thinking, “All I have is a somewhat verbose business card on the web to represent my small business — with no customer information and no credit card information. So why all the fuss about security? What reason do the hackers have to hack a site where there is nothing to gain?”

The hackers look for insecure websites on the Internet in order to gain access to the server and to send so-called phishing e-mails in your name or in the name of your company. These are the emails just waiting for the reader to click a link to install a malicious script on the machine. This not only represents an enormous image damage for your company. In the worst case, your website ends up on a spam and blacklist from Google, which would mean that all SEO and marketing efforts would be in vain. And what good is a page that cannot be found…

The 1-click installation of WordPress is very convenient and is offered by most hosters. No wonder many website owners prefer this simplified installation method. But beware! This method is not really secure with every hoster. In this video tutorial I have shown how you can check the security of a 1-click installation of WordPress.

In the global market analysis by Cloud Spectator, the performance of 17 WordPress hosters worldwide were analyzed. Both in the area of ​​security and in the overall ranking, HostPress was the best German WordPress hosting provider.

Best WordPress Hosting from Germany – HostPress

Speed ​​/ quickness

Many website operators make a big mistake when choosing hosting. They opt for the cheapest offer without being aware of the consequences. Because the cheap providers can only offer the low price by saving on quality. In this case, low quality is equated with performance losses, such as slow server response times and low execution time, which is extremely important for resource-hungry WordPress plugins.

On the HostPress Blog you will find a comprehensive article on how to optimize the performance of your WordPress site. With the measures explained in the linked article, you can make your WordPress website faster, even if you have chosen the “wrong” hosting provider. However, what you have no control over is the time that elapses before the first byte is transmitted from the server to the browser (Time To First Byte = TTFB). Although the maximum execution time can also be changed in the server settings of some cheap providers, it may be that the available maximum is not sufficient for a larger WordPress site.

The low quality is often reflected in the lack of customer support, as you will see in a moment.


What does the hosting provider have to do with SEO? On the one hand, this is the result of the first two S points. Because if a website is not secure or not fast enough, this can lead to significant SEO disadvantages. On the other hand, some hosters offer specific services to support you in your SEO efforts.

Link between website performance and SEO

I often find that my web design colleagues do not give website performance enough importance. I would therefore like to take this opportunity again “Slow loading times – annoyed users – poor ranking” vicious circle show:

An Internet user enters a search term in the search field on Google, clicks on return and gets a search result list (Search Engine Result Page = SERP), which according to Google best matches the search query. He clicks on the first result and waits, and waits, and waits… After what feels like an eternity (about 3 seconds) the page has still not (fully) loaded and the user returns annoyed to the search results list and clicks on the next result . This user signal is also called Back To SERP Rate designated. As soon as this rate increases, this is a sign for Google that the associated website does not match the search query. The result is a gradation in the ranking.

More and more hosters now also offer their own SEO tools, such as B. the Boosting Box from Alfahosting or the SEO Toolkit from HostPress. Both tools are a slimmed-down version of an extensive premium version, which is usually offered by third-party providers. It might make sense here to further expand this service in order to set yourself apart even more from your own competition. It is definitely an added value for the website owner to be able to see the SEO status of their own website directly in the customer account without having to carry out an extra SEO check.

Many hosting providers have their own SEO toolsMany hosting providers have their own SEO tools – Here as an example the SEO Toolkit from HostPress


When I contacted 1&1 IONOS customer support about a problem on a customer site, we (my customer and I) received a confirmation email after about a week, in which they kindly informed us that they had received our email and that they will process our request as soon as possible. No comment…

The examples I have already mentioned show how good customer support works: HostPress and Alfahosting. It has happened that I phoned one of Alfahosting’s competent service employees on Saturday evening and they really helped me with my problem right away. Maybe you’re asking yourself now: Doesn’t he have anything better to do on Saturday night? I am a father of 2 children, so: No 🙂

I have had the same positive experience with HostPress. When my site was not available at the weekend, I received top support via chat within a few minutes and my problem was solved in a very short time. It is also very reassuring that the HostPress Service Team has a lot of WordPress know-how, which I see as a great advantage over other hosters.

This point can very well be tested before signing the contract. Just call customer support and test the service for customer friendliness, response speed, competence, etc. If you wait forever in the queue or talk to a robot, you can assume that as a paying customer this will not change. Of course, it is helpful to think of a trivial question beforehand, in case someone does lose weight. For example, a useful question might be B. be: With how many customers do I have to share a server? This is information that many hosts do not like to publicly communicate on their website.

More WordPress hosting tips for 2020

What else should you consider when it comes to hosting in 2020? For more helpful hosting tips for your website, check out my latest guest post on the HostPress blog. Depending on the type of website you are running, different decision criteria can play a role.

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Best hosting providers in Germany

Don’t have the time or inclination to look for the right hosting provider? Then here are the WordPress hosting recommendations from WPC according to the available budget:

HostPress – Best WordPress Managed Hosting

If you want to save yourself the search for the right hoster, I recommend HostPress* for your WordPress website.

HostPress best WordPress hosting


Alfahosting – Best WordPress Shared Hosting

If you don’t have a WordPress site or have a small budget, Alfahosting*’s business tariffs are the right choice.

Extra tip on hosting

And finally, if I may give you a tip:

Don’t save on hosting, rather on WordPress themes and plugins!

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