WordPress hosting provider comparison + test + experiences

WordPress hosting provider comparison + test + experiences

Finding your way through the jungle of WordPress hosting providers is anything but easy. The times when you could easily compare hosting packages based on storage space, megahertz and traffic volume are long gone. The increasing virtualization of all resources and ultimately also the issue of data protection require a certain degree of thoroughness and foresight in order to find the right WordPress hosting for you. I would like to help you with this post:


Only hosting from Germany comes into question!

Whilst I am not a lawyer I cannot therefore provide legal advice but based on my assessment of recent judgments and expert testimony it is apparent no longer possible to legally host a website outside of the EU.

This creates potential legal uncertainty and the risk of a warning being issued.

The reasons for this are complex. In essence, it is about the fact that the IP address of a website visitor has to be transmitted to the server during the visit for technical reasons and thus personal data is de facto stored outside the EU, which according to the ECJ is not compatible with the fundamental right to informational self-determination.

Stay away from hosters outside the EU!

But even without the legal aspects, I can only recommend a provider from Germany. Anyone who has dealt with a foreign call center to solve an urgent problem knows what I am talking about. For a little more money you get much better support from a German provider, which is a sensible investment!

Either cheap or good!

From hosting offers for a few euros per month to four or even five-digit amounts for strong cloud servers or clusters, the market is incredibly diverse and the choice is correspondingly difficult. Of course, not every private homepage needs its own dedicated server, but you shouldn’t save at the wrong end with a professional company website or an online shop.

To put it simply, however, it can be said that there are only two things that significantly affect the price of a hosting package: These are 1. the hardware used and 2. the support provided.

hardware & performance

A server with certain equipment basically costs the same for every hoster. Of course, larger providers get a few percent when buying larger quantities, but the margins on hardware are minimal, so small providers can keep up very well in terms of price.

However, it becomes expensive if you make resources exclusively available to your hosting customers and guarantee a certain level of performance. The opposite of this is what is known as shared hosting. You pack 25, 50, 100 or even several hundred customers together on one server.

Therefore, dedicated servers are always more expensive than shared hosting.

It is hoped that many of the websites will hardly receive any traffic and that there will always be enough power available on average. However, from a purely economic point of view, it always makes sense to go to the absolute maximum before buying additional servers, so that shared hosting packages always have performance problems sooner or later.

Therefore, shared hosting is always a performance risk.

Larger packages or your own servers are worthwhile as soon as you want to host several websites yourself, or your website has so much traffic, i.e. access from visitors, that you have increased demands on the server’s performance.

Security, Maintenance & Support

The world of hosting is becoming more and more complex and even the simplest tasks require a certain level of technical expertise. If you are not an expert in IT security or have someone on hand for this, you should not book a root server where you have to take care of all aspects yourself. An unpatched server poses a huge security risk.

According to the IT Security Act, they are obliged to take “technical and organizational precautions” to ensure that nobody can access personal data and technical equipment without authorization. Any IT infrastructure must be secure according to the “current state of the art” and this status changes almost daily. You should therefore only entrust the topic of IT security to real experts.

With shared hosting and managed hosting, the hoster takes care of the administration and maintenance of the server.

When it comes to customer service, too, all providers boil with water. This means that the more staff you plan for support and the better they are trained, the more expensive the offers have to be.

With large mass hosters, you often end up with less competent contact persons who basically only help in a few standard cases and otherwise use the documentation on the website. In the worst case, the first-level support is only used to sell larger packages (upselling), which some international hosters demonstrate very successfully.

With mass hosters you only get mass support.

If you want individual advice or even support in solving individual problems, you should better contact a smaller hoster or book a corresponding package with extended support. By the way, most managed hosting packages do not include updates for WordPress plugins, themes and the core.

Some hosters offer separate plans for the maintenance and security of WordPress installations, such as HostPress’ SecurePlan. Experts not only take care of regular updates of the software such as plugins, themes and the WordPress core, but can also provide competent help if problems arise.

If you don’t want to take care of WordPress updates yourself, you should sign a maintenance contract.

How to find the right provider

For the most common requirements, I have therefore put together my personal recommendations here:

WordPress hosting for beginners and small sites

who a decent WordPress hosting for little money is in good hands with netcup.

netcup experiences

The hoster from Karlsruhe has a total of one excellent value for money and is particularly suitable for small clubs or private websites.

With netcup, WordPress can be installed at the push of a button and easily managed, even for laypeople, using Plesk and the WordPress ToolKit. Free SSL certificates for all domains and regular backups are a matter of course.

Let’s go at only EUR 1.99 per month With a .de domain and 50 GB SSD storage space in the Webhosting 1000 tariff.

For EUR 3.99 are three .de domains including 150 GB SSD in the Webhosting 2000 tariff.

For EUR 7.99 per month are 6 .de domains and proud 500GB SSD in tariff Web hosting 4000 contain.

There are many websites for EUR 12.99 whole 12 .de domains and 1,000 GB SSD storage space in web hosting 8000:

WordPress hosting tariffs at netcup

At these prices, you have to make a few compromises in terms of performance, but thanks to integrated caching, higher access numbers to the packages can also be mastered, as long as the websites are not WooCommerce or there is a lot of activity in the comments.

IONOS experiences

Alternatively, shared hosting from IONOS is recommended as a cheap start. The company is still part of 1und1, but the web hosting now runs on a brand new and ultra-modern cloud infrastructure. IONOS offers fair hosting packages with excellent value for money.

Is support important to you? Then your pages are probably in better hands with HostPress despite little traffic.

You should avoid cheap non-EU hosters such as Siteground or Hostinger for data protection reasons!

Professional hosting for corporate websites

In addition to performance and accessibility, the issue of data protection and individual German-speaking support are particularly important for company websites.

So recommend here specialized WordPress hosts with the best value for money:

HostPress experiences

HostPress is a excellent managed WordPress hoster from the Saarland with the Focus on business customers.

the HostPress individual plans start at EUR 25 per month, for more power there are correspondingly larger packages. HostPress offers its own for several websites multi tariffs and if you want dedicated resources, you can access them directly managed cloud servers.

For online shops based on WordPress with WooCommerce should you, as well as for large and high-traffic websites book a correspondingly stronger hosting package. For that I would HostPress Pro Plus (from 129 EUR) or equal to one Managed Cloud Servers (from 149 EUR) rates.

I highly recommend this because next to very good performance and security you get there competent support by real WordPress experts.

With the coupon code “25-search-one”
you can as a new customer Save €25 on HostPress!

IONOS experiences

As an alternative, I can recommend the new WordPress Pro tariffs from hyperscaler IONOS, which belongs to the 1&1 group and plans to go public soon.

There it goes in “proper WordPress hosting”. 15 EUR per month in tariff One go, yes Varnish Cache and the CloudFlare CDN are only in Advanced tariff for EUR 40 per month included. Plus there is 40GB SSD, 2 vCores as well 4GB RAM. If you want to host more than one WordPress instance, go straight to it agency package for 100 EUR:

These are excellent conditions for hosting websites that can handle a little more traffic.


In summary, it can be said that it naturally depends on your needs which package is right for you with which provider. However, if you expect problems to be dealt with promptly and competently and you don’t want to share a server with hundreds of other customers, it’s better not to book a cheap package.

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