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WordPress hosting in comparison – the best providers at a glance

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. And if you want to create a website, you need suitable web hosting. Many hosters combine both components with WordPress hosting. We explain what is important and compare four providers with each other.

To run a successful website, you need a good and reliable web host. If you want to create your website with the WordPress content management system at the same time, it makes sense that you opt for WordPress hosting directly.

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What Should a Good WordPress Hosting Provider Offer?

Before you decide on a suitable WordPress hosting, you should consider a few factors. To make it easier to judge which provider is right for you, we present the most important points.

  • Current WordPress requirements: To avoid error messages and incompatibilities with your website, your WordPress hosting should meet the following points: PHP version 7.3 or higher, MySQL version 5.6 or higher and HTTPS support.
  • GDPR: The provider of your WordPress hosting works GDPR-compliant.
  • AVV and SSL: Your provider offers an order processing contract (AVV for short) and a free SSL certificate.
  • Server location: The server location is in Germany.
  • PHP functions: Basic PHP functions are offered, such as: memory_limit is at least 128M or even 256M in the best case, mod_rewrite is ON, upload_max_filesize, max_execution_time, max_input_vars and post_max_size can be changed if required.
  • HTTP/2: The web host is already or will soon be aligning itself with HTTP/2.
  • uptime: The provider has a high uptime and therefore few or no failures.

Based on these criteria, you can see which provider offers you good WordPress hosting.

The best providers for WordPress hosting at a glance

In the following we compare four different providers for you who specialize in WordPress hosting.


The web host IONOS offers you special WordPress hosting in different packages. The smallest package starts at 1 euro per month for 12 months, then 2 euros per month or 9 euros. For example, you get space for a project on a 25 gigabyte SSD disk, two databases with MySQL 5.7 and current PHP versions.


The PHP memory limit is 640 MB and there is HTTP/2. You can access the server via SFTP and SSH, WP-CLI is pre-installed and an SSL wildcard certificate is included.

In addition, the “IONOS Assistant” helps you set up WordPress and help you choose the right themes and plugins to start your website. In addition, the web host attaches great importance to data protection and German data centers.

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Advantages of IONOS Disadvantages of IONOS
German data protection standards One-time setup fee
Different packages from as little as 1 euro per month
IONOS Assistant helps you get started


With the web host STRATO you can choose the right one for your website from a total of four different WordPress packages. The cheapest package starts at 1 euro per month with no setup fee and a contract period of 12 months.

WordPress hosting Strato


There is 50 gigabytes of hard disk space, a free SSL certificate, PHP 7.4, a database with MySQL 5.6 on SSD hard drives and SSH with WP-CLI and SFTP. The DNS settings can also be adjusted if necessary.

Additionally, you can run WordPress in a security mode where updates are installed automatically. If desired, you can also avail a 1-click installation.

Advantages of Strato Disadvantages of Strato
Free trial month No significant differences to normal hosting
Different packages depending on website needs
1-click installation possible

3. Hostpress

Hostpress is a German web host specializing in WordPress hosting for businesses. The cheapest package for a single WordPress website costs 29 euros per month. For this you get ten gigabytes on SSD, Nginx as a web server with HTTP/2, PHP 7.3 and 7.4 and MySQL 5.7.

Hostpress WordPress hosting


Also free SSL, SSH, Git, staging, a PHP memory limit of 256 megabytes and more. You can also book some add-ons, such as “Secureplan”, which includes updates for WordPress, plugins and themes to improve security.

Benefits of Hostpress Disadvantages of Hostpress
German web host Specialized in business
Addons possible
Lots of features included

4. Raid boxes

Raidboxes is also a German host that specializes in WordPress hosting. The tariffs are divided into two areas: tariffs for a WordPress installation and tariffs for multiple installations.

Raidboxes Hosting WordPress

raid boxes

The cheapest package starts at nine euros per month and offers space for a WordPress installation on a two gigabyte SSD. Nginx is used as the web server, the memory limit is 128 MB and the current PHP versions can be selected.

In addition, Raidboxes is also HTTP/2 aligned, offers a free SSL certificate and you get automatic updates for the WordPress core. Backups are made automatically once a day, which are kept for different lengths of time depending on the tariff. You also have the option of creating a backup manually.

Advantages of raid boxes Disadvantages of raid boxes
Specialized in WordPress hosting Comparatively more expensive than other providers
Daily updates
German provider

Conclusion: WordPress hosting instead of normal hosting

If you know from the outset that you want to create your website with WordPress, you can directly opt for WordPress hosting. The requirements are usually met and you get help with the creation.

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This article is part of our content hub for web hosting, cloud services and domains and is sponsored by IONOS.

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