WordPress hosting from Germany

In the WordPress hosting “Unlimited” tariff, we do not contractually limit the number of websites, databases or web space.

Like all hosting providers, we are subject to physical limitations in providing hosting services, especially when it comes to shared hosting (shared resources). In our experience, however, these limits are never felt by the vast majority of customers. Only for a few isolated customers who have an extreme need for resources, it may be necessary to consider an upgrade – eg to a dedicated managed server.

Unlimited websites means unlimited websites. We do not limit the number of websites hosted in one contract. This is easily possible for customers who operate several websites with low visitor numbers. However, in individual cases it can happen that excessive use of shared resources (e.g. PHP memory limit) from one or more websites impairs the performance of all web projects within a tariff. Technologically, this is due to the shared hosting principle. Should there be a drop in performance or bottlenecks in terms of memory or databases, it may be necessary to switch to a higher tariff, such as a managed server.

All WordPress hosting tariffs as well as all Linux web hosting tariffs are subject to a limit of a maximum of 262,144 individual files that can be hosted on the server. This number is the technological limit of the platform and thus ensures the best possible stability and performance for all customers. Normally, this limit is not reached even with several websites and therefore does not represent a limit for the vast majority of customers.

The storage in the unlimited tariff is provided on demand. Customers initially have 100 gigabytes of SSD web space. Usage is checked daily and automatically adjusted if necessary. In the case of extreme use of storage resources, there may be an internal switch to a platform that is optimized for large web spaces. We will inform customers of this in good time.

Important: The unlimited storage only applies to the web space with which the corresponding WordPress websites are hosted. It is therefore not permitted to use it for backups, as file storage/mass storage or to provide mass downloads, or to overload the server (e.g. with CGI scripts).

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