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WordPress hosting: yes, you generally only deal with it when you run a website yourself.

We want to briefly explain the term. Because it’s like everything: once you understand it, it’s actually quite simple.

For this we start with the first half of the word, which designates a software / program: WordPress.

With websites it is similar to other areas of everyday life where you have a choice of different offers.

There are several providers whose offer can be better or worse depending on your own needs. As with computers, Windows made it and most smartphones now run on Android, so it is the same with WordPress for websites.

Similar to what is already known from apps for smartphones, the free open source software offers WordPress a huge range of extensions, which are not called apps there, but plugins.

Because it works so well and you have so many options with WordPress, the software is currently the clear leader in web design worldwide – and the trend is unstoppable.

We also built on the basis of WordPress to keep you up to date on current events in our beautiful district. And so we come to the second half of the term WordPress hosting.

When hosting or web hosting is the name given to the service that stores a website on servers so that it can also be accessed via the Internet.

And since, despite a well-known provider, we always had short-term failures, which meant that you could no longer access our site, we have now decided on another provider. This Saarland company is called HostPress and specializes in hosting WordPress websites. We were promised that our site would have fewer failures and an availability of over 99.99% and, by the way, we and our visitors would also be better protected against hacking and similar attacks.

Also nice: With HostPress, our website also loads faster and our own work in the background also runs more smoothly as a result. Then there is the super-responsive and helpful team when we have a question, which is why we are now completely happy with our decision.

All in all, we are very happy with our decision for a local service provider and we would like to thank HostPress for the great cooperation with this article about WordPress hosting.

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