WordPress Hosting by peaknetworks - Domain & Hosting

WordPress Hosting by peaknetworks – Domain & Hosting

How does peaknetworks WordPress hosting differ technically?

With peaknetworks WordPress hosting, an Nginx reverse caching proxy runs in front of an Apache 2.4 web server. The files and also the MySQL database of the WordPress hosting are located on lightning-fast ZFS file systems. This in combination with PHP FPM with Opcache ensures very fast WordPress sites. Depending on the themes and WordPress plugins used, you can choose between PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and since the beginning of 2018 also PHP 7.3.

About WordPress

WordPress is the leading web application for blogs and is often used as a CMS. WordPress itself is free, this in combination with the fast learning phase and operation made it the market leader compared to other CMS like Drupal, Typo3 and Joomla!.

About a third of all websites on the World Wide Web are now based on WordPress. The ease of use and the large active developer community have made WordPress a success. In addition to being used as a blog, WordPress is being used more and more as a CMS and as a shop solution with, for example, WooCommerce.

Since little to no programming knowledge is required, designing, modifying and adding text, images and videos are not a problem.

However, WordPress is now also being used more and more for other purposes – for example as an online shop.

Huge amount of free WordPress plugins and themes

With around 50,000 plugins and thousands of themes available, there are more than enough options to design your own WordPress. With peaknetworks WordPress hosting there are no restrictions on the use of plugins and themes.

Security, speed and compatibility

If you want to be first in the Google search, you have to consider many things. Loading time and speed of the website are also included.

With peaknetworks WordPress hosting, the configurations of the web server, PHP and MySQL databases are coordinated and optimized for WordPress (Nginx Reverse Proxy, ZFS Storage, PHP FPM, Opache). In addition, SEO-adapted URL rewriting is used on the Apache server. Every night the MySQL tables are defragmented to keep the high speed. You can choose whether to use PHP7 or continue to use PHP5. Our customers are not forced to switch from PHP5 to PHP7, as is the case with many other hosters.

Tips and tricks for using WordPress

In the blog you will find tips and tricks for optimizing your WordPress with topics from the areas of speed and SEO as well as performance analysis and step-by-step procedures for tuning WordPress.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are included free of charge with every web hosting plan.

Fast, secure and convenient, experience web hosting on the next level at peaknetworks.

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