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Here you will find the best WordPress hosting for your needs. Fast, cheap, best service, here you get the information you need.

As a web developer, I have had experience with web space providers for over 10 years and have managed many projects at different web hosts. Favorites have emerged that I don’t want to withhold from you.

It is always important to find the best hoster for your specific project, your requirements and your financial possibilities.

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners

all inclusive

If you are just starting your website or blog and are looking for a reliable and cheap German web host, I recommend you all-inclusive*.

You really can’t go wrong with this host. I have had my web space here for over 10 years and am very satisfied.

If something does happen, you get quick feedback from support, but actually everything works anyway. This is my personal experience, which is confirmed again and again in conversations with colleagues and in discussions online.

You should at least use the All-Incl PrivatPlus* tariff choose, because the even cheaper private tariff is unfortunately missing the essential SSL certificate. With PrivatPlus, which is easily enough for the beginning, you don’t pay anything for 3 months, no setup fee and have everything you need to get started.

In contrast to some other web hosting offers, you even have it in the price 5 free domains with you. Even if you only have one website, this can be useful, for example if you want to have several variants of your domain name, with and without a hyphen, umlaut and non-umlaut domains, or simply .de, .com and .net.

If you want to register even more domains, you can also use All-Inclusive Premium* directly, where you only pay 2€ more, but you get the same instead of 5 10 domains for free also.

By the way, hosting is even cheaper if you pay in advance.

Advantages of all inclusive:

  • Reliable
  • Great value for money
  • multiple domains included
  • mailboxes included
  • free SSL certificate
  • WordPress “One-Click Install”
  • Server location in Germany
  • fast German support

Disadvantages of all inclusive:

Popularity of All Inclusive:

But you shouldn’t have to rely on my opinion and experience. So here are the results of a survey in the Facebook group “WordPress & SEO – General Questions” from November 2019.

The group members were asked for their hoster recommendation for a standard WordPress project with its own DE domain, 10 static pages, a blog, category and keyword pages. In other words, what every WordPress site actually has, with a handful of standard plugins.

As you can see from the bars, all-inclusive. the favorite in this survey by an extreme margin. The hoster has 244 votes at the time of the screenshot, the second-placed webgo has just 31 votes.

Best hosting for beginners site. Poll on Facebook, 11/7/2019

All-Inclusive has definitely earned this popularity thanks to its years of reliable service.

Fastest WordPress Hosting

raid boxes

If you attach particular importance to an optimal user experience and a really fast WordPress website is important to you, then I recommend Raidboxes. With their servers the on NGINX run and the support of HTTP/2 bring out the maximum in performance.

for 15€ you get the starter package*, which masters monthly visitor numbers in the five-digit range.

The mini tariff* is even cheaper for only 9€ is offered. This can be found a bit hidden further down the page.

Note that in contrast to all-inclusive, you have to pay extra for your domains. For a .de domain, these are e.g. B. 1€ in the month. The exact domain prices of Raidboxes can be found here*.

More importantly, on the “regular” plans, you only get one WordPress installation per plan. Ie you can only host one website there unless you cheat a bit and make a WordPress multisite, but saving hosting fees shouldn’t be your motivation to use a multisite.

If you want to host several websites with Raidboxes, you either have to book several tariffs, or you choose one of the bulk tariffs*, which are worthwhile for around 4 websites or more

If you want an e-mail inbox, you have to do it again with Raidboxes €1.50 add on a month.


  • Top performance
  • optimized for WordPress
  • pre-installed WordPress
  • Free SSL with 1-click install
  • automatic daily backups, easy to import
  • Guaranteed support within minutes (between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.)
  • Server location in Germany
  • 100% green electricity from hydropower


  • Only one WordPress installation per plan possible
  • Domain has to be paid extra
  • E-mail service costs extra

Best hoster for WooCommerce shops

The e-commerce plugin WooCommerce is the most popular free shop plugin for WordPress.

Through WooCommerce the demands on the increase server performance, for example when it comes to memory consumption. Therefore, you should invest a little more here when choosing a hoster if you don’t want to run the risk of getting an error like “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of bytes exhausted”.

In my opinion, the best WooCommerce hosting from Germany for online shops is the Raidboxes Pro tariff*. From this tariff, the hosting is optimized for WordPress and WooCommerce, the memory limit is a generous 512 MB. This will make your online shop faster, more reliable and more secure. If you are serious about your business, you should invest it.

If the 50€ is too expensive for you to start with, you can also start with the starter tariff in a shop where not too many visitors are to be expected, upgrading is always possible afterwards.

If the web shop grows, you can simply switch to a higher tariff with Raidboxes.

For larger shops, you choose a larger offer depending on the number of visitors

Best Hoster for International Websites

If your website is not aimed at a German audience, but at the American or international market, then you need a different server location than Germany.

Here I recommend the offers from Siteground*. This hoster is even supported by WordPress.org recommended, you really can’t go wrong here.

With Siteground you can choose the most suitable server location for your website. Currently you have the choice between Chicago and Iowa in the USA, London, Amsterdam or Eemshaven in the Netherlands and Singapore.

Siteground’s web servers are perfectly optimized for WordPress websites and thanks to NGINX, SSD-hard drives, PHP 7, CDN– such as HTTP/2-Support very good loading times.

They also offer various tools for WordPress installation, migration and creation of test environments for WordPress.

If you want practical features such as the transfer of your site through Siteground support, an additional test environment (staging instance) and the improved cacher (for faster websites), I recommend the GrowBig tariff*, otherwise you can also use the StartUp tariff* get in.

Siteground is also recommended for international WooCommerce shops, but then it should definitely be the GoGeek tariff*.

Hosting for small WordPress sites

For small websites, I recommend the All-Incl PrivatPlus* tariff for around €8 a month.

Sure, there is also cheaper web space (I’m explicitly writing cheap here instead of cheap). In the medium term, however, you will be more happy with a reliable web host like All-Inkl than with a web hosting discounter with poor performance, lousy support and hidden additional costs.

What distinguishes a good WordPress hoster?

SSD hard drives

In contrast to the “old” HDD hard drives, SSD (Solid State Drive) have much faster access times, and are of course more expensive to buy.

So that your website is not slowed down by slow data access, your web server should definitely have SSD hard drives installed these days.

Good connection, correct server location

So that the requests that your website visitors send to your server via the browser arrive quickly and can be sent back quickly, your server logically needs a fast internet connection.

Of course, the location of the server is also essential. If 90% of your visitors come from Germany, then it makes no sense for your web servers to be in the USA, as this will unnecessarily increase loading times.

Free SSL Certificate

It is now a must that your website has an activated SSL certificate, i.e. can be reached via https:// instead of just http://! Otherwise, modern browsers will indicate that the site is unsafe, which doesn’t exactly add credibility to your site.

Sensible hosters should definitely offer the free creation of a Let’s encrypt certificate, which is completely sufficient for most websites.

Current PHP version

Is your website still running on PHP 5.6? Then it’s time to switch them to PHP 7. PHP is also being further developed and its performance is improving from version to version. Your website will be unnecessarily slowed down if you use an outdated version.

Every web host supports the current PHP versions. Because your website may not be compatible with newer versions, you usually have to set the new version yourself in your host’s backend.

Fast and good support

If you earn your money directly or indirectly with your website, you lose money in the event of a downtime.

That’s why good and fast support is essential and an important criterion when choosing your web host.

Web host comparison

All inclusive or Webgo?

Compared to Webgo, all-inclusive in the PrivatPlus tariff offers much more Inclusive domains and impresses above all with a reliable one service.

Avoid these mistakes when choosing your hoster

  • choose the cheapest provider
  • Choose provider with wrong server location
  • overlook hidden costs

I hope my recommendations will help you.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment!