WordPress admin login: How to find wp-login.php

If you can’t reach the admin panel of your WordPress blog via a direct link on your website, you can find it via wp-login.php. How to get the file for your WordPress site, we will show you in this practical tip.

Find WordPress admin panel login

By default, almost every WordPress theme displays the “Meta” widget, which you use to log into the admin area. If you hide this panel, you can only access your dashboard directly via the URL.

Access the WordPress dashboard via wp-login.php

Alternatively, you can reach the login page of your WordPress blog via a specific link structure:

  1. Type the URL to your WordPress blog into the address bar – but don’t go to the page just yet. An example would be “http://mein-beispiel-blog.de/”.
  2. Now add the directory in which you installed WordPress after the domain. By default, this is “wordpress”. The example URL would be “http://mein-beispiel-blog.de/wordpress/”. Skip this step if you have WordPress installed in the main directory of your web space/server.
  3. Now append the filename “wp-login.php” to this URL structure, you will reach your admin panel. With the example URL, this link would result: “http://mein-beispiel-blog.de/wordpress/wp-login.php”.

wp-login.php on wordpress.com

If you don’t host your blog yourself, but operate it via wordpress.com, you can also access your login page via the wp-login.php file. The domain structure then always corresponds to the scheme “http://blogtitel.wordpress.com/wp-login.php”.

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This practical tip is based on WordPress 3.9, but currently works equally well with all WordPress versions. In another practical tip, we will show you how to insert an imprint on WordPress.

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