WordPress 5.9 – What is being worked on?

Various features for the new WordPress update were published on the official Make WordPress blog on Friday evening. Here’s a summary of what it’s all about:

Block Themes and Site Editor

Block themes and template editors are introduced: the main aim is to unify the editing of the block themes and to improve the focus mode (focus mode: this is a view that only focuses on a single part of the template (e.g. B. Header) is concentrated and available for each template part.)


WordPress 5.8 introduced theme.json, and WordPress 5.9 aims to take it a step further by adding a Styles graphical interface that allows users to personalize the style of their websites. It’s about color, typography, layout and blocks: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/34574 Among other things, it’s about the typography tool, dynamics and spacing and an improved color picker.


WordPress 5.9 will make patterns available to users directly from the pattern directory. So you don’t have to leave the editor and you can build more complex layouts quickly and easily.

navigation blocks

The navigation block is also new. This allows the navigation menus to be inserted and edited.

Various improvements

And then there are other improvements that also primarily affect the Gutenberg editor:

  • Improved block interactions like Drag-n-drop functions in list view, improved toolbar from nested blocks, improved Insertion options between blocks and Block-level locking for patterns and inner blocks.
  • General UI improvements, such as Legs extensive URL preview, one improved settings modal and refined symbols and animations.
  • Iterative improvements of performance


The first beta version is expected in mid-November Release date is set for December 14th. There are updates on the WordPress 5.9 Schedule.

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