WordPress 5.9 isn’t coming until January 2022

Josepha has published the rough plan for WordPress 5.9, which will not be released in December 2021 as planned, but will probably not be released until January 25, 2022:

The release aims to make full site editing accessible to all WordPress users for the first time.

The main goals for WordPress 5.9 are:

  • Blocks + intrinsic web design
  • Navigation menus
  • Interface for theme.json
  • Refining editing flows for block themes
  • New default theme
  • Additional design tools

A new standard theme is also planned, which will then probably be block-based. Twenty Twenty-Two, here we come.

updates: WordPress 5.9 has been postponed and will therefore probably not be released on December 14th, but probably on January 25th, 2022: WP 5.9 Delayed …

For details on what’s new in WordPress 5.9, see Video: A First Look at WordPress 5.9.

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