WordPress 5.9 Beta 1 released for testing :: 580 improvements and almost 450 bug fixes

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An alternative topic for the winter months: when cycling outside isn’t that great. Or the bike frame building is taking a break. The new WordPress version is coming .-

today the BETA 1 of version 5.9 was released.

Sarah Gooding published an update article on WpTavern.com today: “WordPress 5.9 beta 1 is now available for testing” https://wptavern.com/wordpress-5-9-beta-1-released-with-detailed-testing -guide
see also: https://wordpress.org/news/2021/11/wordpress-5-9-beta-1/

Sarah writes (quote from WpTavern article): There are still a few things to work on version 5.9. The new release comes with 580 improvements and almost 450 bug fixes.

the updated release roadmap;

  • further beta releases are planned for December:
  • on January 4th the first RC (RC1) follows and on
  • WordPress 5.9 will then be finally released on January 25th.

With just eight weeks left until the official release, the team is focused on testing, an important part of the development process that will keep 5.9 on track. Due to the many interrelated parts of the Full Site Editing (FSE) concept introduced with the in 5.9, the contributors are organizing a more coordinated testing effort and have created a detailed guide.
It includes test instructions for all the major features in the next release, including the template editor workflow, new theme blocks (with a focus on the new navigation block), list view, advanced block design tools, gallery block refactor, block pattern explorer, and more general core updates.
Who comes into contact with the full site editing (FSE) functions for the very first time, may be surprised at the many innovations. Anne McCarthy, who is co-leading the tests for the release, has released several videos demonstrating the new features over the past few months (see the links in the appendix below). In the videos, Anne goes into the navigation block and the block theme concept, styling, the pattern explorer and many more. Anne’s films are always worthwhile. But maybe sometimes it’s just easier to start testing.
WordPress version 5.9 will also introduce WordPress’ first default block-based theme, Twenty Twenty-Two. Testing the theme currently requires a manual upload as described in the testing guide: One can install the twentytwentytwo theme by downloading it from the GitHub repository: Then one can add it to the themes in the wp-admin area. (End of quote Sarah – on the WPTavern article)

Left: the article: WordPress 5.9 beta 1 is now available for testing: https://wptavern.com/wordpress-5-9-beta-1-released-with-detailed-testing-guide

WordPress 5.9 beta 1 – https://wordpress.org/news/2021/11/wordpress-5-9-beta-1/
Test guide: https://make.wordpress.org/test/2021/11/30/help-test-wordpress-5-9-features/
Anne McCarthy’s clip: explores block theme flows, styling, the patterns explorer: see below!

links to Theme twenty twenty two 2022:
Further information on the twenty-tweny-two theme: https://make.wordpress.org/core/files/2021/10/TwentyTwentyTwo-Styles-highres.mp4

Twenty Twenty-Two, the new default theme coming in WordPress 5.9, was unveiled today on WordPress.org. The design goes full steam ahead in support of full site editing and new customization capabil…

wptavern.com Twenty Twenty-Two: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2021/10/06/introducing-twenty-twenty-two/
A First Look into WordPress Twenty Twenty Two Theme: https://wphive.com/reviews/themes/wordpress-twenty-twenty-two-theme/

and of course also WordPress version 5.9 full site editing – a new concept for the WP future: WordPress Full Site Editing: What it is & How It Can Shape the Future of WordPress: https://wphive.com/wordpress/wordpress-full-site-editing-release/

WordPress Site Editor: Everything About Gutenberg & WordPress Full Site Editing


Curious about the WordPress Site Editor? All about Gutenberg, Full Site Editing & how to use it for your website.


and here is some more general information about WordOPress 5.9 – and the many innovations such as Full Site Editing (FSE), BlockTheming and Query Loop.

Introducing Version 5.9


  • introductory version 5.9
  • new blog themes and their flows
  • ux improvements and list view
  • style-interface and their controls
  • pattern improvements
  • design tools
  • and lost of other things more

In addition, there is the already well-known video by Anne: Exploring WordPress 5.9: Block theme flows, Styling, Patterns Explorer, & more


This video seeks to give an initial look at WordPress 5.9 and what folks have to look forward to. It starts with a high level overview before going into a demo running through the features you’ll find if you use a block theme and features that will benefit everyone, regardless of what theme you are using. Shout out to @beafialho who helped create the beautiful demo content for me!

Here is another WordPress 5.9 Preview video from the WordPress NewYorkCity group:

almost an hour long – but somewhat unsorted.

here are a few more links:
Wplift.com: https://wplift.com/wordpress-5-9-proposed-scope-moving-forward
wptavern.com: https://wptavern.com – the site worth visiting every day!

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