WordPress 5.8: Tatum brings more blocks and duotones

Full Site Editing (FSE) is the umbrella term in WordPress, under which numerous functions can be found that affect the editor and thus the editing of pages. The new version 5.8, which is available now, brings even more blocks. These allow access to more areas of a page without the need for code knowledge and fall under FSE.

The update called Tatum (named after Art Tatum, a jazz pianist) comes with new blocks needed for building templates and template parts – such as tags, author and categories. Optionally, this handling of content for pages or post types. Editing the templates also updates previously existing content. WordPress writes in the blog post that one should imagine a “more complex Latest Post Block” as an innovation, which shows past posts. Blocks for widgets and the Customizer, with which the layout is designed, are also new. This opens up new possibilities for developers to create content – “from no-code mini-layouts to large libraries of core and third-party blocks”.

The new duotone block is located under the cover and image blocks. This acts like a black and white filter, which is then enriched with color. All innovations have already been available in WordPress as beta and release candidates. It was also clear that version 5.8 supports the WebP graphics format, it produces smaller files than JPEG and PNG with the same quality.

The Global Styles and Global Settings APIs are available to developers. Here you can make settings on the editor via Theme.json, customize design and other options more easily than before. WordPress has its own blog post with explanations.

Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported for this. “If you’re using IE11, we strongly recommend upgrading to a more modern browser.” For the upcoming version of WordPress it is planned to offer entire themes based on blocks.

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