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WordPress 5.8 Media Library: Load more button

WordPress 5.8 Media Library: Load more button

WordPress wants to take “infinite scrolling” away from us! 🙁

Are we going to put up with this? Nope 🙂

Since WP5.8, infinite scrolling in the media library has been replaced by the Load More button. The image overview is now reduced to 40 images; if you want to see more, you have to press the button. This is annoying and has not been supported by all library integrations so far, where the button is missing and the user is completely lost.

The average web designer’s eye scans the 40 images in 2.5 seconds. Ergo: the user has to click a button every 2.5 seconds. From now on, in order to look through his archive of 3,000 images, he has to click the button an unbelievable 75 times, taking one and a half times as long as before.

The implementation of this button is of course terrible as well as incomprehensible. The user can only shake his head and wonder how this could have happened. Luckily, this dumbest fix of the year can be quickly reversed:

The quick fix

Solution 1: Insert the following code into the functions PHP of the child theme:

 add_filter( 'media_library_infinite_scrolling', '__return_true' );

Solution 2: Use the plugin by David Baumfeld:

Media Library Enable Infinite Scrolling

The long-term solution

Leave your comment and we will work to ensure that this decision is reversed or at least improved: Remove Load More in Add Media Window

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