WordPress 5.8.3 Free Download

Download WordPress 5 – A system for publishing blogs, written in programming language PHP and using MySQL database


WordPress is a system for publishing blogs, written in the programming language PHP and using MySQL database. WordPress is an official descendant of b2/cafelog, developed by Michel Valdrighi. The name WordPress is suggested by Christine Selleck, a friend of the main developer Matt Mullenweg.

WordPress – open source web

Have to say the teeth source WordPress is part of website blog today. Simply because the way to use it is downright simple. You just need to download this source code, then upload it to hosting you already have a website for your own. Saying but also saying that WordPress is very difficult to navigate, unfamiliar, not pleasant for some people, but it’s all just a matter of habit and preference, usually I pass, but this engine still Monday after THROUGH.

Those who are new to sports programming, the WordPress is a source code very ideal, it has the stock plugins are very varied and rich, The plugins has built-in designs for you the available functions, just download it take 1 minute you had to check out the unique feature refreshing on the new website of its establishment.

The use is First, you need to buy the domain name and hosting, after you need FTP access you will need to download WordPress and unzip the archive file into the root directory of the site, sooner or later if you want to be You need to create a database on your web server, then rename the wp file config-sample.php to wp-config.php, file we open later in text editor and enter the database settings I above then visit your.domain.com/ wp-admin/install.php and do a simple installation.

WordPress supports many different languages ​​and of course also supports English, making it easy to start and use. After you have installed and configured the tool, you can start using it, chances are you will have to find a sample, there are many free samples and even have a lot of stuff to pay for and more easy, not expensive, download them Download them, unzip them in a special folder, then in the admin panel in the template and thus choosing the right one, reload the page from our website and enjoy the result. Then we create the category and write the news, everything is simple as possible.

With WordPress, you can:

  • Promote your products, use the optimizer tool, search engine and advanced statistics, and join the community on the social network to grow your business.
  • Processing payments, tax set-up and delivery, create a marketing plan: set the widgets we take care of website.
  • Blog the best in the world and join millions of users who want to follow you.
  • Thanks to thousands of themes available, you can be sure the layouts will suit you, while the storage options and design let you download everything you need while also providing your work space you need. he deserves it.
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