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Compatible operating systems

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

number of downloads

25,581 (since 06/08/2007)

With a content management system such as the free software “WordPress” you can create your own homepage, an internet blog or a web shop without any programming knowledge, even as a beginner. The conversion into HTML or CSS code happens automatically. The open source program is the most successful CMS (content management system) for professional web design alongside Joomla, Drupal and Typo3. “WordPress” is used on more than 30 percent of all websites worldwide, making it the most popular CMS system for beginners and professionals. The basic requirement is an internet server with current PHP and MySQL versions. You control all the functions and properties, content and layout of your new blog or website online with your web browser in a WYSIWYG editor. The basic principle of “programming” is quite simple. All elements of your blog are made up of “pages” and “articles” contained therein, on which you present text, music, videos or photos. Free plugins and themes (layout templates) ensure a professional appearance and high functionality.

WordPress: Professional text and layout with WYSIWYG editor

A major advantage of content management systems such as “WordPress”: Texts and other content can be entered in a WYSIWYG editor (“what you see is what you get”) without the need for detailed HTML or CSS knowledge. As in a word processing program, you type your articles with the current Gutenberg editor, use character and paragraph formats, use links and bullet points, insert tables or use the spell checker. The real-time display allows you to check the final layout at any time. The editor also permanently saves your work so that nothing is lost and you can use revisions to restore older versions of a website. Articles are edited “online” via the web browser. Changes or new texts can be published directly or at a specified time with a mouse click. If you want to design and test a new homepage in peace and quiet, a local web server, such as the freeware XAMPP, is a good idea.

WordPress: Integrate videos, photos and music with a mouse click

In addition to text, you can also integrate multimedia elements such as videos, audio files and photos with “WordPress”. You can manage these objects in the clear “media library” and link them to the desired pages or articles. Films or sounds from MP3 to MP4 are automatically provided with the appropriate HTML5 playback functions. Easily resize photos and add titles, captions, or links to them. In addition to local videos, which you load onto your web server via “WordPress”, YouTube links can also be integrated into your pages with a mouse click.

Extend WordPress with free plugins

Use simple menu structures to navigate your blog. Using so-called “widgets”, “WordPress” also allows you to integrate individual standard elements such as a search function, a list of current articles, link lists, calendar archive access or a “tag cloud” into the toolbar. The “WordPress” basic structure of your website is functionally enhanced with “plugins”. On the “WordPress” website you will find over 50,000 such additional tools, most of which are free of charge. For example, to optimize your website for search engines (SEO, short for search engine optimization), to protect against spam and access from outside, to back up your data, for optimized page performance or for perfect mobile use of your website via iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones. You are also up to date when it comes to social media and link your websites to social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. With current topics such as the GDPR, plugins with suitable texts and functions ensure security. Even professional shop systems are relatively easy to set up using plugins.

WordPress: Responsive web design thanks to free templates

Appearance is important for a blog or website. With “WordPress” you don’t have to be a designer, you can access countless layout templates, which are usually available free of charge. Many of these templates correspond to the principle of responsive web design. This means that the display of your homepage is automatically adapted to different end devices such as PCs, smartphones or tablets. Themes specify the basic arrangement and the graphic design of the individual modules. You can switch between the installed themes with a click of the mouse. Among other things, you can test different optics in a direct comparison. Adjusting the background of your page or the header is just as easy, or you can run a video as the background on your start page. If you are already working with another blog system, the data can be imported into “WordPress” so that you can simply continue working on your existing blog with “WordPress”. Practical: You can access English-language documentation and the “WordPress” user forum directly from the German configuration start page. Here, especially “WordPress” newcomers will find many important tips.

WordPress: blogs and websites for

Set up multi-user operation

Thanks to a comprehensive rights system, several users can easily work together on texts with “WordPress”. To do this, you explicitly assign rights for access to individual articles and areas. It is just as easy to limit the basic comment options for articles on your website. So that you don’t lose track of things in large blogs, you can use categories and keywords to systematize the information individually. If you want to edit and manage your website or blog on the go, free WordPress apps are available for iOS and Android.

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