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For about two months now, WordPress has been at version 5.8 with a multitude of new features and improvements. The maintenance update 5.8.1 is not quite as extensive, but as always we strongly recommend updating to 5.8.1.

Why update at all?

WordPress is a CMS used on tens of millions of websites globally. Its popularity alone has also made it a target for hackers and other sinister figures. That makes sense, after all, an exploited vulnerability in WordPress is like a big net that can catch many fish – or innocent webmasters – at the same time. Errors in WordPress programming code are unfortunately all too human and unavoidable. After every major release, there is usually a phase of testing and troubleshooting. For the maintenance update 5.8.1, WordPress has eliminated 60 errors from the code. More importantly, the update fixed a significant security issue. A full list of fixed bugs and security issues can be found here.

If you haven’t already upgraded to WordPress 5.8, it’s about time. The latest version – “Tatum” – comes with a variety of new features.

WordPress 5.8.1 “Tatum” can do that

“Tatum”, named after the piano legend of the same name, offers an improved overview when editing a page with blocks. This is how WordPress reacts to the problem that there are now countless such blocks to choose from and the overview was sometimes lost. In fact, the number of usable blocks has increased with this new version. So-called query loop blocks allow you to display posts with more creative freedom. You can now also convert used blocks into block templates. If you need a specific block again later, you can drag it from the templates instead of having to create it from scratch.

In WordPress itself, the update is done quickly. To do this, simply go to your dashboard and click on “Updates”. If you want to reinstall WordPress, you can download the complete package from the release archive. You can also find a quick start for first-time users here. You can read here how to proceed with your own blog after the installation.

Do you have any questions about WordPress updates or do you need support with your project? Please leave us a comment or contact us!

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