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Modern page building tools with Gutenberg

The new Gutenberg Editor

Previously, WordPress content was edited with the Classic Editor. This consists of a simple text field and offers a handful of options for content design. The layout design options are limited. Therefore, many premium themes have developed their own layout builders that replace the classic editor. With WordPress version 5.0, a custom layout builder is now fully integrated.

The new editor is a step in the right direction.

BUT: it is not downward compatible!

What to consider when updating to WordPress 5.0

So far, all themes and plugins work with the Classic Editor. With WordPress version 5.0, this editor will be completely removed and replaced by the new Gutenberg editor. The result is that all themes and plug-ins will no longer work with the new WordPress version without appropriate adjustments. The manufacturers of large plug-ins such as WPML or Advanced Custom Fields have already pointed out that problems can occur after updating WordPress – despite available updates for their products.

Therefore, the following points should be observed before the update:

1. Waiting

Gradually, all developers will adapt their products to Gutenberg. The WordPress developers may also release one or the other update to fix minor bugs.

2. Post-install Classic Editor

The Classic Editor is now available as a free plug-in. The plug-in can be easily installed via the WordPress plug-in database. In the settings you can then switch between the Classic Editor and the Block Editor (Gutenberg) as required.

In this way, one avoids the problem with the missing backwards compatibility of Gutenberg. And you can switch to Gutenberg at a later date. The Classic Editor will be available as a plug-in at least until the end of 2020.

The setting options of the Classic Editor plug-in.

3. create a full backup

As with every update, you should also carry out a complete backup of the WordPress installation, especially when updating to WordPress version 5.0, e.g. simply with the free UpdraftPlus plug-in. In this way you can restore the old status in the event of problems after the update.

4. Install the update to WordPress version 5.0

Now you can use the update function from December 6, 2018 to run the WordPress update to version 5.0.

5. Test the website extensively

Especially after updating to a new major release, it is important to check the entire website for any malfunctions. That’s why you should test every page and every function extensively.

Our service for our customers

For our customers we offer a special service for updating to WordPress version 5.0. We will inform all our customers about this separately. You can also contact us directly about this.

Michael Rademacher

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Michael Rademacher studied multimedia and communication and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He has been a freelance web developer and filmmaker since 2003. His creative agency realmaker realizes web projects, image films, webcasts and aerial photographs.

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