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Version 2.8 of the popular blogging software WordPress was released today, and it contains many new features. The most interesting for me are:

  • Better database performance
  • When uploading to the media library, there is now also a “Cancel” and “Delete” function
  • With the shortcut CTRL + S you can create (temporary) storage when writing articles/pages
  • The option in the admin menu “Support the deprecated my-hacks.php file” has been removed
  • The user names are now case-sensitive, and each e-mail address may only be used by one author
  • When logging in, the username is case-sensitive
  • Articles kept on the start page are given the entry “sticky” in the post_status column of the database
  • Various new hooks and filters (e.g. for wp_list_pages, messenger fields, after_db_upgrade…)
  • In the template tag wp_loginout() you can now specify where you should be redirected after logging in/out (parameter redirect)
  • All author template tags like the_author(), the_author_ID(), the_author_url() etc. are now deprecated and replaced with (get_)the_author_meta()
  • Login now better usable for plugins

This list is an excerpt of the complete list, which can be viewed here.

The DE edition is already available and can be obtained here. However, you should make a backup before updating, as problems often (link no longer available) seem to occur.

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