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Windows Autopatch is now generally available

Windows Autopatch is ready: Corporate customers can use the new update mechanism immediately, provided they have a Windows Enterprise E3 or E5 license.

With Autopatch, administrators can better control the updates by dividing the affected computers into four groups, which receive the updates one after the other. In this way, the compatibility of the latter can first be tested step by step on selected systems and then on more and more clients.

However, Autopatch automatically takes over the manual work otherwise required for this, i.e. assigns the computers to the appropriate groups, checks the results of the updates and fixes errors itself. If necessary, it also withdraws updates and restores the previous status. System administrators can track the work of Autopatch thanks to associated reporting tools.

Autopatch’s range of functions hasn’t changed much since the test phase in April. However, in its announcement of general availability, Microsoft gives an outlook on upcoming features: Among other things, Windows 365 systems should also be kept up to date in the future.

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