Why IT professionals need soft skills now

Why IT professionals need soft skills now

Do IT experts really need social skills and soft skills? Doesn’t it really matter what clothes you come to work in? Isn’t it only the professional qualification that counts?

Career coach Britta Balogh has a clear opinion on this: the times when nerds programmed themselves in dark basements are finally over. Experts are in demand who understand their subject and at the same time are able to make their procedures and proposed solutions understandable both internally to management and externally to customers. To do this, they need new skills. These future skills will dominate the professional world of IT professionals in the future.

Knowledge of programming languages, algorithms and systems is no longer sufficient. In addition to the ability to manage agile Scrum teams, numerous social skills are required. These are completely different challenges than five years ago. Today, multi-talented developers, application supervisors, project managers and consultants are needed and desperately sought.

Future Skills: The demands on staff are increasing

“Four-fifths of companies expect that employees will need new skills, the so-called future skills, in the next five years due to changes in their work. Their qualification through learning and development in the company, together with strategic competence management, is therefore of the utmost importance in order to close potential skill gaps in the company,” says a study by Kienbaum and StepStone from last July.

Future skills include:

  • Lifelong learning, curiosity, open mindset
  • Cross-Functional Competencies
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • intercultural competences
  • Leadership qualities (leadership)
  • Communication & Coordination
  • Conversation and negotiation skills
  • Judgment and decision-making skills
  • entrepreneurship
  • Creativity, inventiveness and innovation
  • Critical Thinking – Reasoning
  • critical ability
  • problem-solving skills
  • Presenting and public speaking
  • resilience

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Close skill gaps before your career is in jeopardy

In times of working from home and leading at a distance, individual communication skills are also crucial. This also includes the appearance, i.e. clothing, body language, voice, facial expressions and gestures. A well-groomed appearance can be a door opener and a career accelerator. In the opposite case, the career end threatens.

A confident demeanor is now not only in demand for corporate leaders and decision-makers. Because the IT industry is one of the most important business drivers today and IT employees are no longer internal service providers, but act as an interface to marketing, product development, management and customers.

It is therefore essential for IT specialists and managers to have a large number of social skills, in particular. So far, little emphasis has been placed on teaching these soft skills in computer science courses. The good news: the desired skills can be learned and trained at any time.


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