Which WordPress theme is best for you

The requirements for a website can be very different depending on the context: A food blogger has different requirements for his website than a medium-sized company or a startup from the IT industry. In this article, we want to explore the question of which criteria must be considered when choosing the right WordPress theme. we show you which WordPress theme is suitable for you and want to give you an insight into what we think best WordPress themes give. We also give an overview of what a WordPress theme is and what functions it has to fulfill. The individual questions are marked with an importance: less important (+), important (++) and very important (+++).

Introduction: What is a WordPress Theme?

To put it simply, insert WordPress theme the appearance and style of the website: colors, layout, controls and an extended range of functions. Technically, each theme has various PHP files, CSS files, localization files, and Javascript files. Themes are always stored under /wp-content/themes/ in the folder structure. After the WordPress installation, the standard themes twentyfifteen, twentysixteen and twentyseventeen can also be found here. In the WordPress backend you can select the themes under Design > Themes. To put it simply, the best WordPress themes are usually the ones that are optimally tailored to the needs of your company. This blog post should help you to find out which WordPress theme is best for you.

Are the Best WordPress Themes Free or Paid?

Importance: ++

The first question you can ask yourself is whether you want to use a free or paid WP theme. There is a large selection of free themes for WordPress, for example in the official WordPress theme directory. Depending on the requirements, a free WordPress theme can be quite sufficient. It should be noted, however, that free themes are usually rarely or not at all developed further. It can therefore happen that the theme is no longer functional or only partially functional after a WordPress update. Another important point that inexperienced users should pay attention to is the origin of free themes. We recommend that you only download free themes from the official WordPress directory, otherwise you will be exposed to WordPress security issues.

Theme Directory WordPressTheme Directory WordPress

In addition to the free themes, there are also paid themes, so-called premium themes. These cost an average of between €20.00 and €70.00 and promise more design options, a higher range of functions and support lasting several months. For inexperienced users, there are paid themes, mainly because of the update problems that have already been discussed. However, paid WordPress themes are not always the best WordPress themes. Depending on your requirements, free WordPress themes may also be best for you. For this reason, the next section is particularly important:

For what purpose is the WP Theme required?

Importance: +++

Make yourself aware of the purpose for which the theme is to be used. This is the only way to find out which WordPress theme best suits your website. Specialized themes exist for many purposes. For example, restaurant themes already have a menu function, Immobilienmaker themes contain object management or food blogger themes integrate Instagram functions. Try to define the topic as specifically as possible and use search phrases like:

  • Corporate Theme / Company Theme
  • Restaurant theme
  • Real Estate Theme / Realtor Theme
  • Nonprofit Theme
  • Ecommerce Theme
  • Wedding Theme / Wedding Theme
  • blog themes
  • Portfolio theme

Which functions should be included in the WordPress theme?

Importance: ++

This question is closely related to the purpose of the WordPress website. As a restaurant operator, the focus is on the menu and the presentation of the dishes. Blog owners need customizable sidebars and advanced commenting capabilities. It is best to create a list of the functions that are required for your website and compare them with the theme.
The important thing here is: Not all functions have to be covered directly by the theme. The functionality of the website can be expanded later using additional plugins. This will give you a good overview of which is the best WordPress theme for you.

Can I implement my corporate design with the WP Theme?

Importance: +

This question can always be answered with yes. Due to the adaptability of WordPress, the color can be changed or logos exchanged for each theme. However, inexperienced users should make sure that the WordPress theme has customization options in the backend: The colors can be freely defined here for the most diverse areas (e.g. navigation, banner, footer, etc.) using color pickers. The same applies to the choice of font, size and color. Of course, experienced users can also edit the CSS files and thus adapt the individual appearance of the theme.

Does the WordPress theme have high usability?

Importance: +++

The usability of a WordPress theme should play a central role in your decision making. Ask yourself the following questions and compare them with the WP Theme:

  • How is the navigation structured?
  • Is the search function implemented well?
  • Does the theme have a clear structure?
  • For shop operators: How is the purchase process structured?

User-friendliness or usability has a major impact on how long a visitor stays on your website later and whether, for example, they make a purchase. It is best to test the most important functions directly on the demo theme. You should definitely take this into account when deciding which WordPress theme suits you best.

Is the WordPress theme mobile-friendly?

Importance: +++

One of the most important aspects when making a decision is whether the theme is mobile-friendly. Most website visits today are made from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It would be fatal if the theme was only suitable for desktop display. The keyword in this context is “responsive”. Responsive websites automatically adapt the content to the available width of the end device. This ensures that all content is optimally displayed. Many premium providers already offer a preview for tablets and smartphones in the demo preview. If this function is missing, you can simply adjust your browser window to the desired width and see directly how the elements are arranged. Alternatively, you can also call up the demo preview directly via smartphone or tablet.

Is the WP Theme technically up to date?

Importance: ++

This question is difficult to answer for inexperienced users, since a certain technical understanding is required. Experienced users should answer the following questions:

  • Is HTML5 defined in the doctype?
  • How is the source code structured?
  • Is the theme W3C compliant?
  • Which Javascript libraries are used?
  • How much inline code is included?
  • Does the website load in an iframe?

Furthermore, further measures can be taken to analyze the technical status:

  • Analyze the demo theme in the W3C Validator. Enter the URL of the demo theme and click the “Check” button. Now check how many warnings, errors and fatal errors are issued.
  • Open your browser’s developer tools (F12 for Firefox and Chrome) and reload the URL of the demo theme. Now check the console to see if any javascript errors were detected or if 404 errors occurred.

As a HostPress customer, experienced HostPress customer support is always at your side and will help you to find out which is the best WordPress theme for you. Speaking of support:

Does the WordPress theme have good support?

Importance: ++

This question arises especially with premium themes. Take a look at the support forum and check what problems users are having with the theme. In the next step, check if and when the theme provider reacted to the problem and it was solved. A good online documentation with step-by-step instructions and videos for installing and configuring the theme is also included with good themes. Tip: Ask the theme provider for online documentation before you buy. From this you can not only see the exact range of functions, but also how complicated the installation and setup will be. This increases the chance that the quality of the provider of your WordPress theme is very high.

Does the WordPress theme perform well?

Importance: +++

The performance of a WordPress theme plays a major role in the question of which WordPress theme is best for you – also in terms of usability. Slow websites have a high bounce rate and are generally rated worse than fast websites by Google & Co. This is disastrous for WordPress SEO. You have several options for checking the loading time, such as:

Page Speed ​​Insight: Word Press ThemePage Speed ​​Insight: Word Press Theme

Some of the most popular WordPress themes are so-called multi-purpose themes. In other words, themes that provide the right layout or functionality for several different contexts. These WP themes are often overloaded due to the lack of specialization. Experienced users should analyze the demo URL with the browser’s developer tools and perform a network analysis. Loading time, file size and number of requests should be checked here. As a guideline, a loading time of less than 3s should be aimed at.

The best and fastest WordPress themes

When looking for a suitable theme for the planned internet project, it can quickly happen that you no longer see the forest for the trees. Which theme is flexible enough for your application and which has the best loading times? We answer the most frequently asked questions and present what we believe to be the best and fastest themes for WordPress in this article:

The best WordPress themesThe best WordPress themes

Final tips for less frustration

  • Check that the WordPress theme is updated regularly
  • Read reviews and check the criticisms of the theme
  • Don’t be fooled by the beautiful look
  • Clarify what is included in the scope of delivery (images, plugins, etc)
  • Check the license model (per project, per domain, for 1 year)
  • Check the support period
  • Contact support with any questions prior to purchase

Conclusion: The all-purpose weapon WordPress theme

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your website is not an easy process. The previous sections have shown that many questions must be answered in order to find a suitable theme. However, the preliminary work done pays off by minimizing the later development effort. Whichever theme you ultimately decide on, each theme should be individually adapted and offer a unique look. If you follow our tips, you will come a big step closer to your goal of finding the best WordPress theme.

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