Which WordPress theme and which plugin does a website use?

Have you ever seen a great WordPress website and wondered what design the website operator might be using? Or how a specific feature has been implemented on a WordPress site? Then I have a little tip for you with which you can answer exactly these questions! Because today I accidentally stumbled across a website that provides exactly this data for an existing website.

On the analysis page you only have to enter the URL of the desired page and you will get back the information that the page can read! I have two websites here for you to analyze themes, because sometimes one side finds more information than the other side!

Page number 1: WP Theme Detector – WPTD

Then you get data back, which theme is used, who the provider of the theme is and from which distributor you can buy or download the theme. You can also find out which plugins are installed. However, the evaluation of the plugins is not always complete, as I found out!

The second page I dug up for you is “What WP Theme is That“. This page also works very similarly to the previous page.


If you want to know more technical things about a certain website, I can recommend the Builtwith site! On this you can see technical details of a website.

Where is the site running, which hoster is responsible for the site. Which web server is the basis? Who does the DNS resolution for a website? Which framework is used and much more!



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