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If you want to create a website, you first need two things: a domain and a hosting provider. I have been working with WordPress for well over 10 years and have tested one or the other web host. I have had many positive, but also many negative experiences.

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1. What do you need for WordPress?

For WordPress you definitely need the “right” hoster. Because providers with whom you can host a WordPress website are a dime a dozen. However, the spirits differ in price, performance, especially in performance and support.

So-called “mass hosters” such as Strato, 1&1 or DomainFactory lure with great price offers. But if you have installed WordPress and then want to get started, you will quickly feel the poor performance of the servers. Likewise, the lack of support or very long waiting times until you can even reach support via the hotlines, unfortunately not isolated cases. A web host change can help and significantly improve the loading time of your website. This not only ensures user-friendliness, but ultimately also a better Google ranking.

In addition to the domain, you first need a WordPress-friendly web host whose web space should offer the right technology. The technical requirements in the form of a list can of course also be found on WordPress itself:

2. WordPress Requirements

  • PHP version 7.3 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.6 or later OR MariaDB version 10.1 or later
  • HTTPS support

3. Further criteria for a WordPress hoster

Also, in times of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), make sure that you have an order processing contract (AVV), that SSL certificates are available (in the best case even free of charge) and that they are certainly correct in terms of data protection if the server location is within the EU.

4. Forgo free WordPress hosting plans

What sounds great at first, usually has a whole rat’s tail as negative points and disadvantages. These include functional restrictions, little/hardly any support, often security deficiencies, low memory limits, downtimes and so on.

5. My recommendation: all inclusive

ALL-INKL.COM - Web Hosting Server Hosting Domain Provider*

Although you don’t get the various packages with all-inclusive with a low price guarantee, in my opinion all-inclusive shines with very good services and excellent support. Even complicated or web hosting questions in connection with WordPress were answered in a short time. Long waiting times in hotlines? None! Here I can say with a clear conscience: the price-performance ratio is right and I can recommend all-inclusive.

6. Tariffs for all inclusive

With the web host All-Inclusive, each of the packages offered is sufficient to operate a WordPress website. However, there are certain extras:

  • Private: The smallest package includes three domains. Absolutely sufficient for a start, but SSL encryption is not included here free of charge.
  • PrivatPlus: Five domains and a free SSL option, but a little more expensive.
  • Premium: The professional package with ten different domains and a 24-hour hotline. If you want to create several pages in the future, you can strike here. Free SSL options here too.

You can find an overview of the tariffs here*.

Equally surprising is the transparent pricing, you can get a discount of up to 20% here:

All inclusive up to 20% discount on prepayment
Status: 30-08-2019 / All-Inkl.com*

*This link is an affiliate link, if you buy something on the website I link to I will get a commission. Some tools are free, some are paid. I only recommend tools or products that I have used and know myself. There are no additional costs for you.

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In a nutshell

Choose a WordPress friendly web host for your WordPress website. Pay attention to the requirements of WP, good to very good server performance and also criteria regarding the GDPR. Avoid free hosting plans. It is better to invest in a WordPress web host like All-Inkl where the price-performance ratio is right.
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