What types of websites is WordPress suitable for?

Customers keep asking me what types of websites WordPress is suitable for? WordPress is so successful as a content management system (CMS) that the good reputation of this CMS ensures that more and more companies are contacting me and our WordPress agency and asking whether WordPress can be assessed as a full-fledged CMS and for which ones Types of websites WordPress is the optimal solution? A first assessment of the spread of WordPress shows: WordPress is the most popular installation variant for most types of websites worldwide.

In detail, WordPress is particularly convincing in the following areas of application:

Blogging with WordPress

WordPress was developed as a CMS for blogging. It’s quick to install and offers all the support a blogger needs in a natural way. The code of the free included themes (Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Fourteen, etc.) is lean and often bug-free. Any kind of functionality can be added via free plugins. The graphic design can be easily adapted using the integrated designs.

Portfolio websites with WordPress

Artists and freelancers in particular want to score with graphically sophisticated websites that are easy to manage at the same time. Good free themes are available with WordPress after installation. You can change these given designs according to your own graphic ideas. However, there is also the option of procuring additional designs (referred to as themes in WordPress) free of charge or for a fee from the Internet. WordPress can be optimally used for the further design of these designs with typical elements of your own graphic company appearance.

Corporate websites with WordPress

In addition to dynamic blog posts, WordPress also offers so-called static websites, which can be used via sophisticated navigation to permanently show relevant content to website visitors. These web pages can be expanded at will. There is enough space for the imprint and contact form, for general terms and conditions, product and service offers and for further information. You can get suitable free plug-ins from the Internet for galleries and social media integration.

Online shops can be integrated into WordPress

Sales opportunities can also be implemented very well with WordPress using suitable plug-ins such as WooCommerce. The standard installation offers ready-made adjustments that can be adapted to your own web presence with a little programming effort. If this solution is well implemented, it is very easy to use your own shop system.

Organize communities with WordPress

The BuddyPress plugin and other similar offers ensure that your WordPress website becomes a full-fledged community. There are forums and Facebook connections that give performance to a community website. Optical possibilities are offered via galleries that leave no design wishes unfulfilled.


In conclusion, it can be said that WordPress is the optimal solution for these five example areas. In general, WordPress can provide the best solution for almost any type of website, because WordPress as a CMS is very lean and adaptable. High individual demands can be combined with seamless scalability.

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