What to consider when hosting WordPress

What to consider when hosting WordPress

WordPress is considered the most popular and best content management system for websites of all kinds. This is due to its versatility on the one hand and the possibility of using WordPress for free on the other. Because as an open source application, WordPress is available to all users free of charge without license fees. Since the possible applications are also very wide and there are also many options for web design and individualized settings, it is hardly surprising that so many webmasters choose this content management system (CMS). An estimated 34% of all worldwide websites are made with WordPress operated.

So if you have decided to use WordPress to build the website, you must choose a suitable WordPress hosting provider. After all, the website must also be given web space, i.e. physically stored on a server, in order to be available on the Internet. But choosing the best hosting provider is not always easy. Because there are thousands of different providers and the wishes and demands of the customers are sometimes very different. On the one hand, WordPress users have small blogs, semi-professional web projects or small websites that practically only serve as virtual business cards, and on the other hand there are also huge websites with a lot of content, large companies or public or municipal websites that are programmed with WordPress were and also comprehensive Back up fuses need for data security.

So while for some users the low price is the main focus of WordPress hosting, other users need highly stable and secure server performance that can also handle very large Internet traffic and large amounts of data without any problems. Experts therefore advise on the selection WordPress hosting use comparison platforms. Because these not only analyze the offer of the various web hosts, but also make it possible to carry out a fair price and quality comparison with just a few mouse clicks.

In addition to the price, the customer service offered is also one of the important selection criteria. Because problems can always arise, which should best be settled with a German-speaking professional in real time. Exotic low-cost providers without German-speaking customer service are therefore less recommended. At the same time, there are many customers who value a server location in Germany. This is particularly important for sensitive data and large companies with high quality standards. On the other hand, the quality standards in other EU countries and the USA can largely be compared with those in Germany. The selection of a German provider is therefore recommended primarily because of the German-speaking support and less because of data security.

As soon as you have selected a suitable service provider with a good price-performance ratio, you can then concentrate on the essentials again, namely the structure and management of your own website. And it is precisely in this area that WordPress can really shine. A large number of templates and add-ons make it possible to change and personalize the website at any time. At the same time, this CMS is characterized by a very high level of user-friendliness and compatibility. Regular updates, new articles or blog entries can also be published with just a few clicks. It is also practical that several users with different admin rights can be set up at any time. It is also very advantageous that WordPress websites can also be updated on the go via any web browser. So it’s no wonder that so many sites rely on the efficient quality of WordPress.

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